Blender game(lol)

I just found out about blender camera flying, and found a nice use for it. :slight_smile:
its like an inbuild racing game, build your own track, place the cam and you are ready to go.

here is an example track.
i managed to get two laps(only)
speed was 3 mouse scroll units.

select the cam, go to camera view(numpad 0), and pres “Shift+F”,accelerate/deacelerate by scrolling,move with mouse.

How many laps did u get?

lets be honest :slight_smile:

If you can’t find a practical use for it, make it into a game!

I did one lap at 1x, two at 2x and 2 at 3x

2 at 3x, sounds simple but couldnt make it three. i got 2,5 laps.