Blender Game Making Challenge 10 Winner: Insectors by Wallmasterr

BGMC 10 started on Monday, August 19th 2013 and lasted 7 days.
The theme was : “Game of the Movie”
More info here:

The challenge has ended, thanks everyone for participating. I posted all games to and you can play them now.

Important !
This week is for trying out games others made and voting will be open during the weekend.
While playing, take some notes and post them to the wip thread of that game. Feedback is very useful and important.
Developers, it would be great if you could write a short “postmortem”. A lot of developers who want to join the challenge will find it useful and it will help you figure out what to do different next time.

Thanks for reading, now lets play some games !

Voting results

Is that a hint?
Yay! I’ll be on holidays then, and I’m sure I’ll cook up something

What are the rules? Are there prizes? Sorry if everyone knows already but I am relatively new here.

The BGMC’s are prize-less, unless you count deciding the next challenges topic a prize.
As for rules:

  • Make a game
  • In a week (or however long the specific challenge lasts)
  • Submit it on blenderartists in the finished game forum
  • Have fun

Additional details can be found on the blog

Welcome !
As sdfgeoff said, check out the blog for rules and info. There are no prices, its just an opportunity to take a break from you main project and make something small and interesting in 7 day. We pick a theme every time, make a game, have fun and play games that others made.

This is awesome. I will do my best to partake in it.

I don’t mean to sound mean but may I just say… Finally!

I always look forward to seeing what people come up with, even though I don’t have time to participate.

I hope to participate this time! I could not participate in the 9 for lack of ideas … jeje

:smiley: sorry english.

Its good to see you all. Should we make this one 14 days long or is 7 enough ?

You can count me in!

So we can’t use anything from, but we can use MakeHuman and models from Blendswap as long as we site our source Right?

I might be able to but my days are packed full right now.

You should make every piece of code, texture, model and sound yourself during the challenge. But you can use publicly available resources if you state so and provide a link for others to use.

I vote for just a week, as two weeks is a loonnngg time. One week is plenty to make a simple game like people should be aiming for in a challenge like this.

Is possible use textures from: and I think 2 weeks is a little long, sorry english.

Hmm… my favorite movie would have to be Death Sentence starring Kevin Bacon :eyebrowlift:
And for the contest, I WILL enter this time!! :smiley:

Then again, the NHL 14 demo is coming out on the 20th… I’ll have to get everything done before it’s released xD
No, but really, good luck to everyone!!

EDIT: 1 week is plenty o’ time!

One week is plenty. Any changes in mind for teams? I think they worked out fine last time and don’t need any additional rules.

Good to see you both back for more :smiley:
I am all for teams, that is the future of bgmc but I wont force it on anyone. Working on small projects like this in small teams will over time form experienced teams in our community, and bring us a lot of great Blender games.

Textures from cgtextures are allowed but make sure to give credit where credit is due and read the Terms of use for those textures.

So we have a first movie: Death Sentence starring Kevin Bacon. What other movies do you like ?

Just a few movies I like:
My Fellow Americans
Beverly Hills Cop
Princess Mononoke

And I agree, 1 week is good.

The same for me.

It’s good to know that you can use cgtextures, but I don’t think I’m gonna use them. I’ve been thinking, the point of a challenge is to test your own abilities, and hopefully improve on them. And I could use a lot of improvement with my texturing:o

My favorite movie this year has got to be Session 9. Great Horror, and you can see it on youtube for free!