Blender Game Making Challenge 32 [ Theme:SPACE - Mechanic:Visual Storytelling / No Words]

godot isn’t a fork of blender, armory is an addon for blender not a fork of blender, panda3d is neither an addon for blender or a fork of blender

Yeah I stipulated no engines that are not free to use without changes in license based on profits

The true open source engines that are not for profit

I would agree with you that using UE4 is fair game if Godot, Armory or even Panda3D are allowed. I would argue that UPBGE is “not Blender” anymore since it is not officially endorsed by the BF, but just a GE deeply integrated into a fork of main Blender.

Anyway everyone, should we simply celebrate the act of making games using Blender for making most of the 3d assets?

@BluePrintRandom since the game will not be sold there’s no clause that will involve UE’s legal team to come down here and claim money.

edit: unless you insist on the “engine purety”, but now I feel bad telling @Tieguaili_3D off because he is familiar with UE…

We are trying to encourage people to use open source software without any profit stipulations.

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Because putting bread on the table is wrong. But I understand, let’s not debate this too much, I leave the point to you. Happy blendering to everyone.

@CG_Sky what do you think?

I thought that the Blender Game Making Challenge was primarily about using the Blender Game Engine / UPBGE or Armory (a small stretch).

If you want to use other engines there are already tons of game jams out there. So I think we should stick to game engines that are integrated into Blender.


Just a heads-up, since this is a challenge and member contest, I’ve moved this thread (as well as threads for previous BGMCs) over to #contests:member-contests.


All the best Everyone i look forward to playing and testing your games!
I’ll be spectating as i continue development on my Current projects :wink:


okay, so @BluePrintRandom caught me a bit off guard with the start of the gamejam. I guess I’ll have some catching up to do.
Due to this, I wasn’t able to announce the jam in any way and I feel like it went under peoples radars.

Not quite sure how it just started without a proper announcement, but due to this reason I feel like I cannot give away a price…

What do you guys think? Maybe I just missed the final announcement?
Please let me know down below.

I announced the BGMC on Facebook blender game, indie game chat, Facebook upbge, discord indie game group, python group, armoury group, blender groups etc

I even announced on Twitter.

But I am not in this for any prizes myself.

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I always compete as well, not for the money either. Though I do feel like is was shown enough places. Usually we have several people post their games later without a WIP. I hope we can get several more people competing either way.

It ain’t about money. This is what we love.

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Were there any entries to this contest?
With Unreal something crappy could be made in that time frame. With Blender walking simulator is about all that could be done. Making games is hard work.

Yeah that is garbage.

I have made whole worlds in a week in BGMC bro.

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There are currently 5 posted.

This is completely unnecessary, considering that it is BGMC “32”, as in we have held this competition 31 times previously. If that is not too clear here is a link to several full BGMC game packs if you would like to look at them:

The truest statement you made, some people are not cut out for making video games, and others are willing to put in the time to make something. Some of the BGMC games are lackluster (many of mine included), but others are gems… honestly BGMC is about increasing our skills and doing the best we can with the time we can put in.

p.s. The original Minecraft game was made in 6 days


Ok! all games should be submitted by now - barring special circumstances

Who wants to host a all games pack this year?

I start work in about 15 minutes - can someone put together an all games pack?

I’m rather busy as well with classes, I haven’t even had time to play all the games… We could just make a poll with a link to each of the finished game threads, to lower the complexity a bit