Blender Game Making Challenge 6 - Theme announcement

Hello Blender Artists !

Blender Game Making Challenge 5 has finished and baaag has won, his game Defenceless can be found here.

Its time for another challenge, this one will also last for 7 days.
Winner of the last challenge has selected the theme for this challenge.
The official theme for this game making challenge is: “Platformer”.

So people, start making your platformers, or platformer inspired games.
To announce your game, use the WIP forum, and create a thread named like this:
BGMC 6 | Name of my game

Please use that name form because it makes finding your game easier.

I know we live in different time zones, so try to keep track of the remaining time based on the time this post is made. You have 7 days from now.

Good luck !!!:evilgrin::evilgrin:

If you want to see games made in earlier challenges, go to this blog.

Here are a few links on the theme platformer:
Top 10 platformers of all time
20 years of platformers

Yay! I hope I have time to participate. :stuck_out_tongue:

We are sinking pretty fast this time. I had to bump this up.

I think i’ll participate next time :slight_smile: ( when i have an endless supply of time )

I wish I could think of something but I just can’t, I did look at the links but all of those games would take too long for me too do for a challenge, my only idea is a rip-off of a game form the last challenge, the one where your running away from a monster thing. So for that reason I amn’t participating BUT I wish the best of luck to you all :wink:

One day left:

So did anyone finish? Sorry I didn’t enter, got promoted to functional lead at work and that ate up exactly the week of the challenge. I’ll be in for sure in December (can we do it mid-month instead of right at Christmas? I know, arrogant americans!)

I saw the TD only yesterday… :confused: