Blender Game Making Challenge 7 - Finished

Read more here !

The challenge has finished and all the games are on the blog.

On it!

Too bad in the weekend I won’t be able to do much, but I’ll start now and hope I can manage something!

Don’t forget to make a thread in the game wip subforum before Saturday to announce your game.

Aha! I can participate!
Thanks for opening early :yes:

I am trying to cook something up, and If I manage to be happy with it, I’ll create it. I’ll be unable to do anything in the weekend, so I guess I’ll have to do something today and leave it as it is…

You should create a thread even if you don’t finish it. Its good to post updates and get feedback. You can also continue the project later if you like it.

Yes, I’m implementing some objectives and I think I have it nailed. My main issue is dealing with Blender’s modelling. I’m making a “collect-a-thon” game and most of the features come from my previous exercises…

I just don’t know if I can make it, though… It started too quickly, and I really want to participate.

What do you mean by started too quickly ? You still have ~60 hours. Its usually much shorter, around 48 hours.

Well, from the idea’s inception to the actual start, it was a bit short and there wasn’t time for preparing.
Of course, it’s a problem in my end. I have about 10 hours, if I’m lucky. I’ll try to squeeze a few more during the weekend, but probably, I’ll fail.
I have quite a bit in my hands for now, though it’s a good reason. :slight_smile:

Hi! One question about the rules. Is it allowed to use foreign models from blendswap or must everything modelled by the participant(And must these modelled during the weekend or can someone use former created models )? Could not find anything about it on the webpage.

We haven’t yet defined strict rules about using stuff from your previous projects but it wouldn’t be fair to use pre-made stuff.
I don’t have anything against using old python libraries and modules that are available for everyone to use or textures from cgtextures.
But I am not sure about using models created before, or someones models from websites. You can try asking some participants directly using PM or wait for them to respond here.

I would suggest you use only stuff you made during these days.

Modelling isn’t the bit that takes the longest in these weekend games. I would dedicate about 2-3 hours only to modelling, 2-3 for texturing, and the rest to programming. In ratio of time, modelling is nothing.
So, make new models, it doesn’t take that long.

You entered by making a wip thread and all you have to do now is post there your game before midnight (you have something like 13 hours left). I will then go trough all wip threads and collect all the games and screenshots you posted and make a post on the blog for each one of them. Then its voting time

Great work everyone :slight_smile:
I can’t get past a bug, I am not sure what is wrong, but I had alot of fun:)

Good luck and happy blending!!

this is the first game I made on a deadline

probably good practice for me,

Thank you for the Comp!!

Ran out of time, hah. I uploaded what I had so far here, though.

the time is up? I thought you just need to finish before monday?

Well, where I am it’s around 1:38 PM, but the time the challenge goes on is based on GMT+0, so it’s 8:38 PM, which leaves me with less than four hours, and I’ve got something I’ve got to do, so that’s it for me. You can check the clock from a link on the compo info page here.

oh I see… I probably wont finish either then. I just started a few hours ago.