Blender Game Making Challenge - Opinions needed

Does anyone else here miss the blender game making challenge? I visited the website and the owner said he doesnt have enough time or money to keep up with the BGMC Website, he said he was looking for someone to take over, I emailed him and have not recieved a reply so far (its been about a week) and i was wondering, should I re-amp the BGMC, I can have it up and running within the day, so we could have a challenge by tomorrow! Anyway, i was just wondering if you guys have any opinion on it, because i feel bad taking the idea without getting full permission to re-start it, but at the same time he said hes looking for someone to start it, so if you guys think its a good idea to start of the BGMC again, then ill do it! Thanks :smiley:

Hi, I read your email and a few others that offered to take BGMC and feature it on their sites.
I didn’t respond right away because I’m trying to find time to continue the challenge, giving it away seems wrong.

Is there any chance we can maybe work together to keep it alive ?
I can handle all the work around each challenge but I really need help with the website.

Absolutely! No worries on not responding, I was just worried that maybe you decided to stop. I would love to work with you on getting this back up and running, if you want i can get a website up and running within the next week. It would have a members area where people could sign up, a blog area where admins could post updates on the challenges, a forums section, so people could more easily follow progress, and challenges, as well as pages for the hall of fame, and history. I believe the domain is free. Anyway you can PM me or email me if you would like to talk more. Honestly I could have the website up tomorrow, its the domain that will take the longest :slight_smile:

In the industry these “challenges” are called Game Jams. Just a thought.