Blender Game Making Contest 21: Date Vote

So the next BGMC is coming up.
Blender Game Making Contest 21 will be a week long game jam where blender game engine developers compete to make the best game based on a theme (see the other thread for the theme vote).

The contest takes place over a 9 day period (5 weekdays and two weekends) where you can devote 7 days to making a game. You can choose to start on the first Saturday and finish on the Friday, or start on the Monday and and finish on the last Sunday. Or you can skip two of the weekdays and use both weekends. It’s up to you.

This gives everyone a chance to use 7 days, since even if you are sick or busy for one of the weekends, you should be able to use the other one.

There’s usually a little time at the end for bug fixing and such, though no new features should be added after you’ve used up your 7 days.

The choices of dates are:
25th of June - 3rd of July
2nd of July - 10th of July
9th of July - 17th of July
16th of July - 24th of July

After that I’m on holiday and won’t be able to organize the competition.

It seems that in both votings I am one of the majority:D

Doesn’t look like anyone wants it, but just as a note, i won’t be able to participate if we do 16th thru 24. hope i don’t even have to worry about that tho. :smiley:

It seems that you don’t. So far nobody has been interested in those dates;)

Well I am gone the 2nd-4th, so this should be interesting. But less time is better for me it gives me more deadlines.

Timing on this one should work perfectly : D FingersCrossed
Just out of curiosity, how many of these BGMC’s have you guys participated in?

OK hopfully remember this time and have the time to make somethnig.
Iv participated in mabie 3 or 4 and ran one :smiley: its always good fun.

iirc I’ve practicated in 4 of them, maybe 5…