Blender Game Making Contest 21: Theme Vote

Here’s the thread to vote for the theme for BGMC 21.

Blender Game Making Contest is a week long game jam where blender game engine developers compete to make the best game based on a specific theme.

Current potential themes are in the vote above. If you can’t see them (you’re looking at this thread on your phone) they are:

Take a modern game and remake it in the style of an old game.
PS4 game on the PS1 for example, or Xbox game on the Gameboy.

For the win!:
A racing game, 2 wheels, 4 wheels, 10 wheels or none. Has to be a race, needs competitors AI.

Using the built in physics engine make a game. Ragdolls, rigid body machines, catapults, Jenga Whatever you like.
But it must have an objective, so you can win or lose.

More of a traditional theme than some of the others, this is a very open theme. Just make something with the theme of underground. It could be a subway simulator, or a mining game or a dungeon crawl or anything you like.

Mirrors, bouncing balls, water, lasers, anything on the theme of reflection. Blender has some great methods for doing real time reflections, check out Wissam’s recent threads for advice on how to get it working correctly. It’s not hard to have real time mirrors in your game.

Sad that I don’t have multiple vote options(with multiple priorities). However, I’ve made a good decision anyways!:slight_smile:

The two leading themes right now (Underground and Demastered) both sound really cool! :slight_smile:

Anyone have any ‘throw it out there’ ideas for underground

yeeesss. been waiting for this. then, i felt a chill in my bones “i know that feeling” says i “that the BGMC soon feeling” and i log in, and bam! there it is!

Don’t forget to vote for the date too. The thread is slipping off the front page because no one comments on it. :slight_smile:

had some time on my hands so lets bump the thread back up


-Explore creepy underground ruins (horror)

  • look for ores in a cave (Exploration)
  • conduct a subway ( Racing / simulator)
  • dig a hole to china (Perhaps a clicker game?)
  • play as a bat, in black cave, and when you click, a sobel / prewitt filter briefly comes on so you can see edges( to simulate sonar) see how long you can fly/ go through an obstacle course. (Racing / maneuvering)
  • surf along a minecart rail and doge obstacles (Action)
  • Escape an underground bunker (stealth)
  • move tectonic plates to form certain continents (Puzzle)
  • move through a dangerous cave or mine (Platformer)
  • stop rodents in your basement (tower defense)
  • Invade the secret locust stronghold ( Wait… No, that’s GOW 2)
  • Dungeon Crawling
    Just to name a few

Some ideas:

  • Build your own underground military bunker, gather resources, install technology etc.
  • Explore underground structures.
  • Hallow Earth theory of inverse world.
  • Mole racing :smiley:

I hope they help.

It seems that my idea is the most popular one. Cool!:slight_smile:

i was told to make a game like whack-a-mole, but with propane instead. see this:

Um. yah. not doing that, but the idea is there for anyone who wants to do it

2 days to go, though it looks like the Underground theme is winning out :slight_smile: I think I’ll start cooking up some ideas : D

decisely underground,hopefully to found some “goal” decent …

Thanks Josip, that looks great! I’ll put it on the official announcement thread.
Right now it looks like the date is going to be the week starting the 3rd of July. That should give everyone plenty of time to know the the competition is running and that they can join in. They’ll also be able to start planning their game.

Dig Dug, mind-craft themed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I want to do underground 3rd person game

Sounds good! Check out the official announcement thread herefor details on how to join in with the competition.