Blender game Mental clown.

Anybody can help i’m still a little new to blender also i’m 13 If you want you cfan make money off of this but let’s do it for fun.Story:A demon clown is trying to impress Satan he is trying to make Satan a perfect being a god like entity that can control the universe he is trying to steal every strong demons power to give it to satan it will have a metal gear rising like gameplay and funny jokes.


The demon clown becomes good at the end.

how is that a game??? like how will it be played through?? and why are you so creepy for a 13 year old??? so many questions! :spin:

1.I kinda changed the story because it is really unoriginal I have an original story but I wanted make this story in entirely separate game
2.Metal gear rising gameplay

I’m still learning art but if you want to help with the concept art then help alll I need is someone who can make particles I will be the modeller and rest can help with other things like scripting

I can help with scripts but I did not understood the concept and basic of the game. Can you describe it a little more in simpler way? If you are still learning art then I hope you have enough patience to work on this game.