Blender Game Open Project: Endure

hey everyone

my name is Ferhat and i want to make a game where anyone can participate in. I wanted this for a long time but never had guts to do so. Time is passing and so are people changing.


A boy (lets call him Benjamin(name could change)) had to hear everyday how the parents are arguing. One day he decides to leave home to start a journey to find true happiness.
He travels trough towns and earns more and more experience. He finds a dog that is following him and both travel together. Eventually he must work for his living and so he is searching for tasks/quests to get some food for him and his new buddy.
One day he decides to leave the main island after seeing a poster with a wounderful coast on it:" man that looks so good there must be some happiness".
Now he has a purpose to earn money. After many hours of work he could afford himself a ticket to this pretty looking poster island.
He went to the poster to see it again and besides it was a flyer calling for help to search for a missing boy called benjamin,
immediately he starts to cry and have to think of his parents. But there was this hatred why he has left home.

He thinks of the hard and good days with his doggy friend since he left home. “Maybe i write a letter when i’m there…” he thinks, so he went out to buy the ticket.

I think this is alot to beginn with but with a little bit of patience and endurance we can do this.

So everyone is asked to do what he/she is able to.

Pretty much everything is pixelated so its easy enough for everyone to submit

We need:

-Towns/Maps= 512x512 it is a plain with the texture on it i will post an excample for everyone
1.Map Hometown = i will provide this as an excample
2.Map City Called ?= who ever makes the map should name it
3.Map City Called ?= The doggy appears and a new live can start
4.Map City Called ?= Poster appears but the farry is in a different city
5.Map City Called ?= Seaport city where the journey to the new island begins

-town folks= of course we need many citizens to make it a lively experience

-Buildings= Villages need small buildings and cities big ones
-Vegetation= flowers, gras, trees, bushes,
-Cars= driving around i make a video how it should look like

-Small things in cities and villages think of fences and garbage and other stuff

-Benjamin Mesh is finished its not something groundbreaking but it is enough to see its a boy…

-we need the doggy (please give him a name i’m terrible at this)

-Music= i think relaxing and also good travel music is a must have for such games

The player is looking down on benjamin

Please i want to remind everybody this is not a AAA game where everything have to be high poly, so please dont put any pressure on you. We are here to have fun and let this idea live.

Let me know what you think
(sorry for any grammar mistakes i am not perfect)

Benjamin Mesh
simple car

512x512 this is the village Benjamin comes from

scene from the blender game engine how it could look like with the camera settings

Screenshot perspective

Benjamin’s perspective

another picture to imagine how the world would look like

Do you have a model for the protagonist?

A walk cycle animated?

I can set up the code for him to run about, etc. if you can draw him :smiley:

Do you want a 3rd person?

Click to walk ? (like diablo)


i will make a video and you can see what i was able to do until this evening… not much but you know as much as possible

#1 Yes the Benjamin Mesh should be the protagonist
#2 Yeah i done that

No it’s not that kind of a game i think you mean games like “don’t starve” and so on

#3 Yes i want a third person view game in my opinion its easier
#4 No
#5 Hell no i want to make a different experience

hope all your questions are answered :slight_smile:

Ok give me a .blend of the proto with a walk, and I will rig him to run in game etc.

Do you want Textures for Ben?

Hey you know what why making a video if you could have the .blend file to look around and play with it :slight_smile:

Why not pasteall? I am not sure I like that ftp site…
Just send it unzipped … it’s only 6 mb


Like this… I don’t like this.

Here i tried pasteall hope it works now

I am at the point for the first level to say it is almost finished (dont look at the copy and paste houses haha) i know from previous threads that you are good with python.

My problem is how can i get an Intro befor blender starts the game… so the situation is
— Intro —> Titel Screen: Start the Game —> Story Intro (just for the first time) —> Jump into the game and save------ next time i open the game it jumps right where i was

Do i need a python script or can i work with logic bricks?

I know i could use different scenes but other opinions are useful

Just have a plane in the first scene, with the video/intro ?

than when the intro is over/interrupted delete it? (so you can see the real scene?)

Yeah I see what I can do

In the meantime do you believe some sort of pickup money mechanic is appropriate

for excample he runs through the village/town and randomly picks up money (in form of small coins) not much but its something that keeps the player moving around and searching for money to buy food and items

Ask and ye shall receive


CollectMoney.blend (439 KB)

great thanks

could you also make an count system the player should know if he hits the million haha


if property money = min:"1000000"max:-(blank) ------------------and-----------Add object -Text object from layer 2- for 1 sec - (millionaire!)


lol nice thats the idea but i have trouble with picking up the money

its all messed up … i hope you come through this jungle of logic bricks

You just changed a property to something silly :smiley:

I eat logic for breakfast…

it is…undeniable.

awesome mate thanks alot :yes: