Blender game physics not lining up with mesh


I’ve done some basic modeling in blender before, but this is my first time working with the game engine. I’ve run into a snag. My physics are not lining up with my mesh character or the mesh object. If I turn on the physics visualization, I can see the physics are either in front or behind my meshes. I don’t program or script either, so I’ve been using the logic bricks. I would really appreciate any help; I’m definitely still a beginner with blender physics in general.

I was going to upload the file, but for some reason I got an error every time :frowning:

Thanks to anyone who responds!

I’m guessing you can’t upload the blend file because you’ve only got 1 post so far - I think you’ll be able to upload blend files if you post more (around 7-10 posts or so).

Would you mind posting a picture showing the physics visualization? Unless your physics object is Convex Hull, the physics mesh will align around the center of the physics object (so you should center the mesh around the center of the object).

As a side-note, be sure to make your physics mesh a separate object from your character’s mesh or armature. The general flow of things is to parent objects as follows:

Display mesh > Armature > Physics Object

So, the physics object is the “top-level” parent that you control and move around, and the armature is parented to that. You can use logic bricks across objects by selecting them at once to have cross-object logic (to trigger an animation on the armature, for example, from the physics object).

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Here is a picture. I do have a separate box that my armature and mesh are parented to; however, I’ve always had the box control motion and the armature control action animations, I’ll try working with cross object logic. Currently the green box and the ground are using box collision, while my physics mesh is using triangle hull. My armature has no collision. Also they are using compound collision, but to be honest I don’t really know what that means.

Thanks for taking time to help me :smiley:

Compound is used when you parent two objects together and you want both reactive on collisions. This way they create one larger object. This is not necessary in your situation. Your collision box should cover the character in a way that is does not intersect other objects (and does not walk in the air).

The image you posted shows the delay you mean. So yes I can see it, but I can’t see all objects. A screenshot from Blender might help too.

Hopefully these will make more sense. The first my rig is highlighted and you can see the action animations connected to it, the second is one of walk animations, and the third the box is highlighted so you can see the motion actuators connected to it. I think my problem has something to do with the fact that I had to rotate the model 180 degrees to make her walk the other way, and the box physics and rig animations aren’t lining up.


I think I figured it out, I needed to move the root in my animations so my model stayed in the same position within the box controlling her physics. Thanks to both of you for helping :slight_smile: