Blender game project

hi all!
i whould like to try making a big project with some ppls in here to make a big action game…
i will do some scripting,texturing and mideling help.
i need another scripter to help me.
i need desinger-to make the games models.
and animator-even due i can do it but he can do some of th eniamtions and ill do some more animations…

the game idea is kinda like you can say “Yo-Frankie” and allite “Devil may cry” kind of a combination of theese two games…
have idea for main character and all…

so if you are interested just say so :slight_smile:
if you have msn it will be nice ,more easy to talk that way…

so hope to make a game with ya’ll


chance to redeem yourself:

show us a simple working prototype of idea, otherwise get ready for a whole lot of nothing

well the idea is:
someplace in the world-place thet none heared about or saw…
a mystic creature is the saviur of this place,the place is full of wierd scary monsters and stuffs,and you can shoot things and get wepons

thats an idea. not a prototype. try again :eyebrowlift:

what you like want me to make the game now?

no, i want you to make a prototype. that means its a simple application that represents what you are trying to create. This means it can be done with place holder graphics such as just basic shapes and flat images (to repersent significant entities in your game) and how these entities should interact to make the game work.

it shows the community two things:

  1. that you know how to actually make the game work, and have made it in a way that is fun and reasonable to work with.

  2. gives the community an idea of what you want the game play to be like. this allows us to take a look at your project and say “yes i like this kind of game, he has a good thing going here, i think ill help out” or “no this isnt really something i could get into, not my style”

so again, make a prototype and then repitch your idea