Blender game projects for learning by reverse engineering?

Hi, I’m new to posting on this forum. I’ve tinkered with blender quite a bit and learned how to make simple(ish) images and animations. I want to make games (across different genres), but trying to learn how to do this by reading & watching tutorials and looking through forum posts is not the best way for me. The fastest way for me to learn how to make something has always been to get my hands on something that’s like what I want to make, take it apart and tinker with it to see how it works. I then start my project and reference the thing I took apart if I forget the general concept of how to do something or research tutorials/forum posts if I want to do something that isn’t in the thing I took apart.

Now, I know there are open-source games out there, but what I don’t know is where to get any I can look at or how to open them with blender (and I’m going to be honest, I never really looked for just open-source game code because I have no idea what to do with it without blender).

Any help will be much appreciated.

You can try looking in the in the Finished Games forum. A lot of people will post the raw blend file of their games there.

Thanks Mobious, I found a few games there that I can learn something from. One of them had to be downloaded from which also looks like a great resource.

If you need help with anything, just ask :smiley:

Looking stuff up is good,however there may also be a better answer waiting in the forum.

My game Neon Ball is a great example of a multi-blend/multi-file game
(Shameless self promotion)

Be aware there are many different coding/management styles.

Thanks. That looks like a good resource.