Blender Game, Quality

Friends, Blender Game What is the quality? Is a high-quality engine? Can we do the things we ask? For example, Crysis 3, quality, something we can do?

300+ high proffesional artists and programmers + 80 millions $ = Crysis 3 quality.
Ask different question or ask the question differently. :slight_smile:

I think you misunderstood the question. I’m not asking the budget making Crysis 3. I asked him just Blender is a quality that would make Crysis 3. Blender infrastructure can make this kind of games?

The quality of the BGE is very high.

You can also use CryEngine: and get that desired quality.
As they already have done a lot of the work you can start at a higher level then with BGE.
With BGE you have to build most / all yourself.

Unigine Engine would be one that could duel with Cry. But you won’t get access easily and for free.

On the Open Source side I guess you would be best with Torque 3D
I haven’t tried it yet but from the specs they provide more features out of the box.

Still you won’t hit Cry-style unless you are using Cry or program it yourself.

That said: of course can you achieve Cry-style with BGE – like haidme seid, you just need lots of resources.

So Blender, be able to play Crysis 3 quality. Crysis 3 graphics, realistic game in the history of the games industry is leading the chart. BGE, we can provide the quality of this game?

Quality of games is related to budget and number of people working on it, just like what haidme said.
Yes you can do Crysis 3 quality games on blender. But you need good programmers for custom filters, scriptings, optimizations, audio filter effects and everything.

As mentioned very often. The limiting factor is not the game engine … it is the game developer.

If the developer is not able to create a simple pong game with an easy game engine the best eye candy features will not rescue the project from failing.

Games are judged by the following things1.Story2.Gameplay3.Graphics4.ReplayabilityYes ! You can create better looking games than Crysis 3 . But that would require you create shaders,2d filters etc. And who said Crysis 3 is the best looking game in the planet ! Personally i like Watchdogs. .its better than Crysis 3

Of course if you have big budget everything is possible but that’s not the topic here.

So to answer the question :

  • No, the Blender Game Engine cannot make games like Crysis 3 in its current state (but maybe sufficient for your real need ?)

  • There’s no Open Game Engine that features the tools CryEngine/UnrealEngine are featuring.

  • Blender allows you to make Pixar-quality films without coding, but no Open-Source Game Engine allow you to make Crysis-Quality game without touching the source.

  • I think Torque 3D is the best open solution if you want an all-in-one package like CryEngine or UnrealEngine.

  • If you can code, Ogre3D is surely the most modern and full featured Render Engine. Ogre3D is only a render engine but it is capable of anything if you implement the features needed (however this mean you’re almost creating your own game engine).

So everything is possible (OpenGL is capable of rendering Crysis 3 like games) but there’s no open software that allows you to do it without coding like Cryengine or UnrealEngine do.

Even if you have programmers for custom filters, scriptings,… the BGE can’t handle Crysis-like games. You need to optimize and improve the source (so you need to code © and not only script (python)).
If you’re able to code, you’re welcome to contribute to the BGE.

I know it’s sad to see such a professional open software like Blender but no equivalent in open Games Engines, but it’s the current reality.

Hope it answer your question.

Blender infrastructure can not handle this kind of games do you express?

What game do you wanna make?

I feel like zigzak is one of those guys who trolls the forum, gets banned, creates new account, rinse and repeat. . .

The Blender Game Engine is powerful enough for any solo indie developer, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to get the full potential out of the Cryengine.

To directly answer your question. No the BGE cannot produce the same level of graphical fidelity as the cry-engine, at least not at a playable frame-rate. It can however still produce some very good looking games.

Personally I would still pick Blender over the Cryengine as an indie, because no single person can get the most out of the Cryengine, and blender has the advantage of ease of use, that’s far more valuable than rendering power for smaller teams or solo developers.

p.s. Remember good aesthetic is more important than good graphics, low poly can still look fantastic if you’ve got a skilled artist.

Yes, the core (the source code) of Blender game engine is not optimized to support as much geometry as Crysis. But that’s just an example, 2D filter and post processing will become very quickly slow if they get complex, etc… and this is not something you can change by “scripting” (python) but only by improving the sources themselves (C).

Now if you can code, you can improve the BGE or Torque3D.
Or you have also Ogre3D that provides you a very optimized, powerful and modern basis (the render engine), but that’s the only thing it does unlike Torque and BGE that provide tools to create the game content.

Plus what Mattline1 said.

Actually I was ironical. :stuck_out_tongue:
What I was trying to do, is to make our new fellow zigzak to read and learn a little more about game development before asking clearly unprofessional question.(no hard feelings zigzak)

To directly answer your question. No the BGE cannot produce the same level of graphical fidelity as the cry-engine, at least not at a playable frame-rate.

On contrary, from my experience with Blender GE and 2 times Crysis 3 champion :D(finished it 2 times) I think it is very possible to make very similar game by means of graphics to Crysis 3, with BGE. And yes it should be quite playable, 30fps should not be a problem.
(noticed that Crysis 3, as many other games is separated in “rooms” or maps around 200x200 meters.) Crysis current assets scattering and assets quality should not be a problem for Blender GE using the right LOD system.

But as mentioned before…great number of pros and tens of millions are needed if we want DAT quality.

So…to directly answer your question: NO you can not produce a game like Crysis 3, the whole blender community + blender foundation pros + all other people that are helping bge together, can not produce Crysis 3 quality game…

.because, we are just simply short of 80 millions dollars. ​:D

I am getting sick ! Ahhhh

I’m grateful to you for your answers. So I Have a game engine that can meet these high standards? Open source.

I know right:cool::smiley:
too bad that’s only one-third of it. Still goda have a quality team with some green to make amazing happen, otherwise you better stick to basics :RocknRoll:

Of course, Crysis, CryEngine 3 is a game like improve, and will be of high quality. I improved this kind of games, BGE?