blender game runtime executable blocked by windows smartscreen filter?

hello, I have tried to share my exported blender game file with my friend who runs windows 8.1

but when she runs it, windows throws up a smartscreen filter for her saying that it is blocked for security reasons

I am on windows 10 and I can run the executable without problems

Only way to fix that is to cretificate your app (aka pay microsoft for a certificate). Of course if you mess with windows configurations you will still be able to run it, but you can’t expect everybody to run it confidently after such message.

If you now are starting to hate microsoft, don’t worry, it’s normal.

You can probably click ‘Advanced’ and then ‘Run Anyway’ when smartscreen comes up.
(It’s something like that on my windows 8 laptop)

Or look at the properties of the executable and “Unblock” it. It’s normal to block executables that are downloaded from the Internet.