Blender Game Runtime keeps crashing.

I want to test a level i made,and i want to run it from a runtime…IT WONT OPEN.
I get the :"Runtime error, the app requested to terminate[…]

I just dont know what to do.
I have installed python 3.1
Latest blender version.
Copied the Python 3.1 zip file and the same error.
Maybe a windows program?

[…] in a unusual way…[…]

it was python 3.2 i think. maybe i am wrong.
Have you tried the double “lib” python path issue as mentioned earlier in the forums?
the correct path of python should be gamefolder/2.60/python/lib/

You say i need to install py 3.2?

No, all you need is to install the Blender 2.6a installer from this site because it has all the necessary Python files to work.

Unfortunately when you make a runtime in Blender 2.6a the folder structure is wrong and that’s why you get that error. You need to move all the files inside of 2.60\python\lib\lib and put them in the folder above it which is 2.60\python\lib</i> . After doing so it will be safe to delete the emty lib folder which you just moved the files from.

Thanks, i will give it a try

Thanks,now it opens, but blender is too buggy, it closes…( another error).

Send me a blend over skype, or show some screenshots!