Blender game Sale

i wanted to ask can i sell blender game that i made with BGE or not?

Yes, you are allowed to do that.

Please read the sticky regarding GPL to see how you can licence it.

soo if i understand corectly i can’t sell it with Blender Player

Hi! I wanted to ask so is it possible to just put copyright on .blend file? Furthermore, can I sell game if I am just 14 years old. Finally, what are minuses of selling GPL games except the ability for others to sell it further?

Ok them mooore questions

  1. if i save as game engine runtime and sell it it would be legal if no what steps i need to do that would be legal?

sorry for questions but i need to know

Thank you For your your time

You can even sell Blender.

When you distribute a file under GPL (regardless if you take money or not) you have to follow the GPL. The GPL allows any recipient to get the sources and reuse the GPL-licensed content. If you do not want to allow that you need to separate your assets from the GPL asset (blenderplayer).

Misuses are:
a) not providing the sources
b) skipping the GPL note
c) distributing under a non-compatible license
d) including non-compatible licensed content (e.g. from other sources)

The GPL idea is that any recipient is able to get all data to build the delivered GPL-application by himself. This allows to create new work by reusing the other GPL content.

soo i can make exe file but with exe file i need to share the blend file to

Yes, you need to share. You do not need to deliver with the exe, but you need to offer any way (email, website, added sources) to get them.

Except your deliver in separate packages -> blenderplayer (GPL) + your files (your licence)

soo thats mean i can make separate exe file and in gpl write that the blend source is in that and that web correct?

or i can make the player and make GPL my self mm thank you