Blender game save format

a few days ago, my RTG(random thought generator) popped out the following:
what if there was a blender game save file, like a default file that anyone could use to save their game by using a save game actuator.
the ideas I have for it are as follows:
text based, it’s easier
it should contain:
1 where the main character is, and the level he’s in.
2 user defined game properties
any other ideas are welcome, this should probably be first implemented with a python script, and once it is working good, maybe it could be hard-coded into blender.

Make a game actuator, set it to save GameLogic.globalDict

already exists.

Look into the resource section for SaveLoader. It already tries to store all data into a dict and can save the string representation of the dict. It even adds objects that were added by addObject().
The problem is that not everything can be restored (e.g. some actuator params).

If you want to do it by yourself, you might end up with a better solution.

cool idea!!!

where’d you get a rtg?

what is rtg?

random though generator.

mostly know under the name “Brain”.


Ah, just found it under my chair. Switch on … psssseeep… reading the first post… oups :o.