blender game screensaver?

How do you make a Blender game into a screensaver? I found before a forum that had a link to a screensaver that executed a specified program when it started. The link was bad, and I couldn’t find it anywhere else again. I don’t have time right now to go into a deep search for this stuff… would anyone be so kind as to point me to a topic that tells how to do this, or else just give me a solution?

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i think you rename the xxxxx.exe to xxxxx.scr and apply it as your screensaver

Sorry, that doesn’t work (at least on my computer… I don’t know if it would on newer versions of Windows. I’m running Windows 98). Any other suggestions?

Renaming it to .scr works for me, sort of. Alpha blended faces just look like random coloured pixels when run as a screen saver :-?

mhm… it runs like it was an .exe for me, with textures, like normal…

put it in your windows directory so it shows up in the screensaver list

when you select it it will start, and probably another time [maybe when you select that tab in the future], but otherwise I haven’t had a problem with it

Proper support for a screensaver is a really good project for a newbie coder to start with in Blender:

You have to:

  1. Detect when a runtime ends with .scr
  2. Implement the mutex to stop multiple copies running.
  3. Implement the command line switches to run in a preview window, and a config scene.
  4. Liase with people to get Linux and OSX versions. :wink:

:smiley: I developed a Screensaver launcher, which starts randomly Blender executables (renamed to *.dat) as Screensavers:

downloads at: