Blender Game Size

hi guys, am pretty new to blender so i have a lot of questions hers the first one
I just finished the first stage of a game am making the blend file is about 6mb but when i compile a standalone it becomes 50mb. i want to reduce the size to about 20mb is there anyway possible??

Could it be that you have unpacked (thus not taken into Account for the .blend’s Filesize) Images or similar Files that take a Lot of Space? For Example, if you have a .png as a Texture the Image itself could, if it was rather big, become 20 MB huge, while the same Image as a .jpg might take just 5 MB. The same Accounts for Sounds: .wav Files are very inefficient (in Terms of Filesize), .mp3 Files seem much more attractive, but I have made the best Experiences for Filesize, Quality (and, if I remember right, also Loopability) with .ogg Files.

Most of the space is taken up with the game engine itself: ~40mb last I knew.
It may seem large, but consider that every other engine out there is bigger. Unreal and cry are around 1.5gb, unity is ~100mb (from memory. Feel free to correct me).

Gone are the days of small games unfortunately.