Blender game with "office" rooms that are possible to walk and interact


Seeking for a level-designer who could make the following:

  1. draw and render a room like a office (2-3 departments with details like general interior, outdoor scene, tables, phones, computers etc)
  2. -maybe- also people with textures, but not a must
  3. the second part is the following (sorry for lame description, I’m not very good in Blender)
  • user can walk and ‘look’ to office computer monitors
  • what user sees inside the computer must depend on conditions (like ‘levels’)
  1. all this stuff should work inside browser with ‘save’ function

Hi Nikita,
I think I can help you. Just have some questions.
Is this going to be for a game or what’s the purpose?
Since blender delete their native game engine I don think it would be possible to do natively.
But I think it can be done if it’s exported to unreal or maybe even to a browse based renderer. It all depends on what you want to do with the level.


Hey, I can help. Can you please email me to discuss further in detail. PMed you my contact details.


Hello there.
I’ve send you a private message, thank you very much for the opportunity!

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