blender gamekit tutorials

Hello everyone,
I am having problem with some of the tutorials in “The official blender gamekit” to play in Blender2.45. I just got the book & finding out that it works with Blender publisher. but not with new one. Please any help will be appriciated.


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Hello and welcome
You must be more precise?!
Yes, as you’ve found for yourself the tutorials will only work perfectly with the 2.25.
Now you can choose to keep the 2.25, it’s still a good “platform” for a specific project, or try to adapt them to the current version.
But, you must tell us what is the specific problem each time.

Yeah, I have the gamekit too. You seem to have two options: 1) install the old Blender to view and change the projects correctly, or 2) just use the new one but not be able to view the projects correctly.