Blender Games Contest Date Extention

(Blender_owl) #1

I feel that the BGC due date should be extended. i know that 4 months is alot of time, but if we can extend the date the quality of games would be uch better. People would have more time to impliment better features and more time for bug squashing.
We (my team) are almost done the basic engine for our game, but we would like to be able to do some extra features like online gaming and squad based AI. So plz wes1 take this into consideration.

Thnx, Bruk Habtu (The Blender Owl)

(Pooba) #2

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Er, acually i’m pretty sure we’ve had about 6 months. I think that’s been plenty of time. It’s christmas break, so you should have more time anyway. To tell you the truth, i haven’t really started on my game :smiley: but plan to make a kickass one that will be way cool. I have, what, about a month to do so, and that’s way more time than i’ve spent on any game. I think we don’t need an extension, and i’m dying to see some of the games that are coming out (mainly blengines/imgranpaboy’s and peters).


(Peter) #3

I agree with Pooba here. Don’t think we should extend the date. Think that it will only make most of us feel that we can relax a bit more. If we have the date set it will presure us all to work harder now over the holliday. Come on Pooba, time to get to work! :smiley:

(Abracsis) #4

if the date is extended i bet less people would end up entering. The contest is getting to that interesting point now. Maybe if in the last week a massive out cry for more time could mean one extra week…but no more than that.

If you have the foundations of a good game, then it’s not like you can’t improve it after the contest for a future release.


(ineedanewbi) #5

this contest has been posted up for a hell of a long time
ppl should have started right away if they knew they needed all the time they could get. most of us are on chirstmas break now… and we should have plenty of time to work… i get backt o school on Jan 6 and a few weekends where i might be able to work on the game before Jan 15, the deadline

well, good luck everyone

(Blender_owl) #6

Cant blame a guy fo trying :expressionless: