Blender Games Expose: Six impressive games-in-progress

A few months ago, while perusing the discussions going on at the realtime forums, I realized that the level of professionalism displayed by some of the games people were working on was much higher than it had been in the past. There have been many high-quality games throughout the engine’s history, but it looked as though we were just about to stand up and ride a new wave. The game contest was the most obvious sign of what was to come. If the developers who made the entries for the contest were continuing to make games, it could be really exciting to see what they come up with in the future.

This next generation of games - both the team projects as well as the individual ones - looks to really show that high-quality games are possible with the blender engine.

This article details 6 amazing games being created within Blender’s easy-to-learn tough-to-master game engine.

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It’s been a pleasure working with you

It’s been a pleasure editing this thing together and getting hyped over all this great work:)

Thanks for putting that together, it’s always inspirational to see what others are doing :smiley:

The thing that impressed me the most was the sheer number of original/inventive ideas on display. Granted, many of them won’t make into the games, but simply trying to break away from the game ‘stereotypes’ is, for me, what indie game developments all about.

Keep it up everyone! :stuck_out_tongue:


Great article Saluk, Thanks for keeping us informed. It,s things like that, that help me get going again after feeling burnt out a bit. I have made a decision to develope a game, concentrating on what I “CAN” do in Blender instead of trying to figure out what I “CAN’T” do. Then mabey one day one of my games can be featured on your website. Good Job…

NDNChief, Experiencing a creative BLOCK…UGH!!!

:o Still can’t wait of some demo’s I think you all should release a demo for the Blender 2003 CD, this should be great idea. :stuck_out_tongue: Is someone planning to release a demo? I really wanna see some game details, game play, sfeer, nice textures and awesome another technics. :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like some great games are in the works. you might’ve seen one of my games in there, except that I’ve been taking a break from working in blender. Maybe another contest would get me working hint hint.

Yeah! Great Article Saluk. Now, i’m very hungry for the great new Stuff! :smiley:

“Hey Doc”, I don’t think I ever got back to you, but I wanted to say thanks for sending me that file again, Thanks…

The NDN…

Nice Saluk, and to all those whos games are in the expose. Can’t wait for them to come out!


saluk, good job man… :smiley: 8) it makes me feel cool about all of us…

PS: check your pm… :wink:

Nice work, saluk. It’s on the frontpage now.

Great work saluk, Don’t know how you find time to keep coming up with this
stuff, but it’s nice to see the game engine promoted like this, makes people
feel the future is very bright. Keep it up!


Great work Saluk! We finaly have a news headline on games! This is like… really long ago this happened last! Or is this the first time?

Anyway… Hale to Blender gaming!

wow. O___O

450 + 150 views from and elysiun. People cmon lets hear your thoughts on these games! What does it inspire? Do you all know that gameblender is coming back to newer versions very soon?

Yeah I readed it. I though they will release it again in blender 2.5. They will release the old game engine from 2.04 into 2.50. I’ll hope it’s not 2.50 but 2.30 :smiley:

i hate to be a pain in the arse again, but did you guys think of going multi-platform on those games?

silver_hook ducks and dodges behind his desk
takes a peek over the desk to check if ti’s ok to come out

…sooo …any luck?

Congratualations to those who got into this interesting article.

To myselft: I guess I’m not hyping Mar 'Uta enough.

Great article saluk, and again, congratulations to all those who had their work shown. I believe it does show the world how talented people on here are.

Plantperson, why not release a small demo of mar’uta?? just one level or something…

rep-re-crea: Plantperson, why not release a small demo of mar’uta?? just one level or something…

Mmmh, I think this should be very cool. Because when you want to sell it, you have to let other people see what kind of game it exactly is. So a little demo would be great. :smiley: