Blender Games on Android (via Blender of Unity)

Hey there.

I was wondering if there is a way to take a finished blender game file or .exe and use it on android devices

If not can you copy a full blender game file to unity(to publish it as an android file that way).

Any help would be much appretiated.

Thanks in advance, Matt

There was an Android port of Blender and the BlenderPlayer that was in production; I’m not sure of the state of it currently, but I believe the developer in charge of it wanted to continue with it.

You can use GameKit, another project, to run Blender games on Android and iOS (I believe), but the process isn’t pain-free (some logic bricks don’t work, I think, and GameKit uses Lua, not Python for its scripting language). It’s also more close to the source (you’re dealing with C++ and things to build it, etc).

You can’t copy a blender game to Unity. To my knowledge, there’s no conversion from logic bricks to Unity’s visual programming system (if there is one; I assume there is). Also, Unity doesn’t run Python, but different languages, one of which (Boo) I’ve seen written is similar to Python. So, it might be a minimal port to push Python over to Unity’s Boo.