blender gaming

:rolleyes: does any know if blender could design multi player games
if yes HOW! :cool:
i mean on the same server you play multi player on different computer
if any one knows how
please share

Yes, but you have to know python/network programming, sockets, things like that. There is no “Make my game multiplayer” magic button.

If you are just starting out with the BGE, then forget about it. Go here and start with the basics:

Then try making a pong/breakout clone (you’ll be surprised how much work goes into something simple like that).

If you by multiplayer mean network or internet multiplayer, then social is right, if you want two (or more) on the same computer then you can do it easily

If you mean multiplayer on one computer, setting up keyboard only controls is easy. One player on keyboard, one on joystick is easy. Splitscreen display is also easy. Two or more joysticks on one computer is very difficult with Blender.


if yes, HOW?
Ask me a specific question, I’ll give you a specific answer. Ask me a vague question, and you won’t get an answer. What kind of multiplayer game? Network or on a single computer? It makes all the difference in the world as far as answering your question goes.

Hey , way to brow beat the newbie guys!

What ever hapened to the zoo project?

I thought they had a MMO template already made up for non-programmers?

perhaps I was wrong…

Here we go again… 1 post in this community and already wants to make a multiplayer game…

Why dont you give to the community for a few months before taking…I am all for new people joining, but I am tired of seeing 1 post people asking stuff like this!


I added the wrong address… i will leave the original, it is somewhat relivent…

here is the template.


Just ask them, and ignore the trolls. Nice people like me will help you out.

If you want to reduce the troll chatter, try searching the forums before you ask something. This should reduce the verbal abuse from some of the old timers.

but the main thing is that you learn… That is what this forum is for.
So if you are “stumped” be sure to ask… dont give up

Good luck with your learning and your game :slight_smile:

Someone should do a big sticky post for the newbies so that they don’t ask first how to make an mmorpg…


Since some of us “old timers” seem to be too rough on everyone by p00fs choirboy standards, maybe we should just tell everyone who asks a vague question to PM p00f, since he’s “so nice”.

Jokes aside, I think it would be best to remind everyone (again) that these are “public” forums. Nobody here is obligated to sugarcoat their answers, and frankly, if you can’t handle a straight up response, and you take everything said here so personally…well then, maybe you are a little too young/sensitive to be on the interwebs in the firstplace.

They don’t read the stickies. Everyone just rushes in and asks the same questions that have been asked over and over again.

Heh, I know I didn’t read them when I first started out. Asked a lot of idiotic questions, and people were pretty short with me. But don’t worry about how peeved we get at you, keep using Blender. What we say doesn’t mean you need to give up, just search a little bit before you ask questions that have been answered tons of times before.


stop the name calling, it is spacificaly against the forum rules.
call me another religious slur and I will start pressing charges.

I have asked the Moderators here to remove it.


social what’d you call p00f?
i dont see anything bad was it removed already?

(yes this has nothing to do with the question)

He thinks that naming his standards “choirboy standards” = “religious slur”. (I think, honestly though I have no idea)

Nothing was changed, what you see in my previous post is what he is complaining about.


Social, you’re overdue for a date with the boot.
I too get tired of new people asking how to make a massive multiplayer game but it doesn’t quite mean we have to treat them like trash.

Now to save this thread

Cyborg dragon that is overkill…

all we really need for people who bully newbies is something more along the lines of this:

hehe! Real men dont bully kids.

Thats impossible. I thought I just saw Social the hard-ass get the boot(eidt and a ladys shoe). Cybor dragon! Obey the forum unofficial rules!

:smiley: Now, before all you ladies start taking off your footwear in protest.

Why doesn’t one of you tell me where exactly I “bullied” anyone in this thread.

No! Not all of these shoes again! My internet is really crappy today…its probably about to freeze cause of all of these pictures of shoes! :frowning: I suppose I’ll just call cox, tell them a piece of my mind :slight_smile: