Blender GE not working on my computer

so far it only shows ablack or gray screen whenever i move my mouse over the application some of the option begins to appear. so far i have a G Force 4 mx 4000 and it doesn’t work i have a windows xp 215 mb of ram and sadly of ddr rams don’t work on my new computer. ahhh!!! anyways i have a celeron computer of 2.4 GHz. I’m begging anyone to help me out on this. By the way I’ve bought the book and only one game works on the regular free blender though, but the game was as slow as heck with those extremely choppy framerates. I haven’t installed my old G Force 3 Ti 300 AGP yet, but I bet that one should work, but right now I’m too busy to even try it now these days.

do you have the latest opengl drivers for your video card?

not sure… last time i’ve tried to update my card it was that 20 meg download… how can i update it though… just wondering… lol

well this is how i do it:

EDIT: before you do this check on their website for the driver . If its not there(which is very unlikely) follow these steps:

right click your desktop and click properties. Now click the ‘settings’ tab. Now click advanced. now in the advanced window click the ‘adapter’ tab. Click properties. Now click the ‘driver’ tab and click update driver. Now follow the steps. make sure it conneccts to windows update to search for the driver!

nope thst didn’t work it says that it couldn’t find a better drive than the one i currently have. so my only hope is that 20 meg update thingy and i hope it better be the right one. i’d just clicked on graphic driver on their download driver page and clicked on g force snd than on win xp. i hope that’s the right one.

Its best to keep all your drivers updated.


nvidia ( has one driver for all its geforce cards (forceware or something)

Soundcard ect… Windows update is not a bad ideal. It sounds like you need the nvidia drivers though.

so far my open gl is still 1.5 the download is almost done and my direct x is currently versiono 9 and that’s all i can get out of my xp home edition and man they don’t tell me which version of 9 either. lol i’ll tell ya more when i can get Blender GE to work.

ok. To get better info
start bar -> run -> type dxdiag
it will run a directx program that tells you all about your system. Very handy