Blender GE Skinned Spawnable and animated ragdolls [Demo Video][WIP]

For the past week I have been working whit ragdolls in BGE, I have encountered many problems and been forced to start all over time after time, But Finally I have got some god results, here are an Video showing the dolls in action:

Note: that this is still an WIP and there are still improvements to be made!
also note that this setup where made entirely by me, it is not related to any other ragdoll setup you will find.

For now the dolls consists of 14 constrained collisionboxes and meshes using around 500 Faces, the texture are only there to give some perspective on how the dolls bend.

plz give me feedback on this, what is good?, what could have been better?, ideas on further development,… more!

also, if there are any interest I can make an short tutorial explaining how i did this, what to think about and more

wow… nice ragdoll… Keep it up!