Blender GE standalone

one of the main things that distresses me about blender is the fact that Windows users are able to create standalone versions of their games, that can only be played on Windows, and (to me knowledge) Macintosh users cannot.

Does anyone know if there are any plans to rectify this?

Blender creates standalones for the platform it is running on:

Win for Win
Linux for Linux
Mac for Mac

There is a plugin called BlendStarter but it is heavily outdated (Blender 2.42). I didn´t looked closely to the code yet (and[i think] im not very experienced in programming) but maybe that it´s time to bring it back to life (for 2.5X versions.)

EDIT: blendstarter web page:

So are you talking about not being able to create a Mac app on Mac Blender, or not being able to create a Windows app on Mac Blender?

both I guess. I wasn’t aware that you could create standalone games on a mac. I have never seen them.

Thats because, here at least, mac is the least popular of the three operating systems.

could you explain the process of creating a standalone BGE game on a mac?

probably same as linux:
play the game, in blender. doesn’t matter for how long.
after you stop the game, File>Save Game As Runtime…
put it wherever.

hmmm, I have a problem. I did that, but when i click “save runtime” it gives me an error message “unable to make runtime: unable to find runtime”

blender version 2.4.9

I get a similar error on windows, but there is an easy work around. not sure if this works for macs though.
You get that error but blender still creates the file. You just need to manually copy some .dll files from the directory that blender in installed in (on windows its: C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender) to the location that you saved the runtime in. If this does not work; I will see if I can experiment on my friend’s mac tomorrow. :evilgrin:

I’m afraid that blender does not even make a file. (I tried multiple times, with multiple games, and saving in multiple locations (including the blender folder itself)) with no success.

I also tried consulting the terminal while trying to save the game, but no errors were printed.

thanks for offering to help though. I really appreciate it

Have you tried a fresh download and install? It could be that something screwed up when you installed blender?

I have tries this multiple times :frowning:

Master Yoda,
I feel the same.
I got mac standalone once, in blender 2.48.
Every new version returns error same as yours.

damm. they said mac’s good. :smiley:

Anyone knows how to fix it?

in linux ubuntu i will create a deb package like yo frankie and add to the dependencies the blender 2.49.2 or… if you like the real standalone/portable version you will need to setup the LD_LIBRARY_PATH i have the thread here… but dont know how exactly to do that… i will rather use the deb or rpm packages :wink: i will create soon tutorial how to develop the game in ubuntu and then in rpm distros…

Does your build of blender include the blenderplayer? Blender uses this to make the runtime.

Anyone know if the Solaris and Irix builds have a compile as runtime feature as well? Someday I need to set up virtual machines just to mess with those :stuck_out_tongue:

I had this problem on a windows once, it happended because I was missing the blenderplayer file. I just copied it out of the previous version(I was using 2.49, so I copied it out of 2.48) and it worked then.

but the blenderplayer binary have dependencies on other library files… you have to include it with by the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. it wont start if you haven’t the libraty installed so by me is the best way the linux installation packages…