Blender GE terrain texturing

I have tried some different sorts of texturing a terrain and using it in the gameengine, but im not satisfied with them.
The first i tried was to just paint textures ontop of another image. This works fine for small terrains, but when youre doing this with bigger terrains, the texture isn’t in high enough detail/resolution.
The second one was the stencil way. It worked great, but it was hard to use, and it took long time.
Now, I wonder if there are any other ways to paint textures to the terrain, like a terrain editor or something. I’ve tried Unity 3D (not using it xD) and this program has a terrain-painting system which I liked. I’ve seen games made in blender (espessially RPG’s) like the Sintel game, and Ayleth of Ravenswood, which had textures painted onto the terrain. This these guys use stencils?

Unity’s texture painting is pretty similar to the use of stenciled textures actually. Unity just automates the painting of the masks.

Didn’t know that, thanks ^^
By the way, should I use stencil maps for texturing in Blender then? Thanks :slight_smile:

These two tuts are helpful:

Thanks for the links :slight_smile: