Blender GE vs Ogre3D, what's the difference?

Hi! I tried searching the forums, google and the FAQ but couldn’t find an answer to this question. Basically what I’m wondering is what the difference is between Ogre3D and BGE?

If I haven’t misunderstood anything then BGE is based on Ogre3D, but is it up to date with all features that Ogre3D offers?

Please enlighten me :slight_smile:

Ogre has nothing to do with Blender as far as I know, the only thing they have in common is that both are OpenSource.

And Ogre is not a game-engine it just handles 3d graphics. Not sound or game-logic etc.

Ok, thanks for the clarification. What is the the Blender Game Engine capable of then? What is it’s strengths and weaknesses? Would you compare it to Unigine and Unity?

Blender’s a one of a kind engine;

  • It’s easy to use
  • It has a large community support base (here)
  • It has a large array of features, recently including Path-Finding, Improved python bindings
  • It is tightly integrated with Blender for content creation


  • It doesn’t like large separate numbers of meshes
  • It doesn’t like large numbers of lights
  • It can be confusing to new people to blender!

Top tips:

  • Persevere; Since version 2.49b The engine has come a long way, to the point where i wonder how i had managed! You will be rewarded with experience and skill.
  • Don’t be lazy; people assume due to the large support base and easy integration to Blender that game design is easy. If you are bad at modelling, learn it. if you can’t script, learn to. (and so on)
  • Think about how you want your game to work. Think small, and expand when you can understand the limits of the engine. Many people start with a HUGE FPS idea, which crumbles beneath them.

Thanks for the good tips agoose77! I really appreciate it! Do you happen to know at which pace the development of the engine is going? Can you assume that by choosing this engine you won’t be left behind in a couple of years?

The BGE is a Game Engine
Ogre is a 3D Graphics Engine which can be a part of a game engine.

The 3D engine of the BGE is an internal one.

This is like comparing a car to an engine. The car has an engine

I hope it helps to understand.

Thanks I understood that from MadMesh’s reply :slight_smile:

Well, Blender’s open-source software, and so is developed by volunteers. The game engine is no exception - it’s developed and upgraded when people have time and the inclination to do so. However, the BGE currently has many features that the free version of Unity, for example, doesn’t have. People are working on it, currently, as well. The Harmony Project is looking into implementing a better lighting system, and already has finished orthographic shadows and light projections. It’s currently being cleaned up to be merged into trunk (official Blender).

Sweet! I love following the progress of Open Source programs! I’ll be looking more into this as soon as I get the chance! Thanks for all the info!

Blender is really good at making good looking stuff really fast*, however, unless you are pretty good at python, than it will be difficult to make anything functionally complex.

*relatively fast, and only once you know what you’re doing.

Is python the only supported language?

Yes. Other than Python, the only way to program game logic is through the visual logic bricks, which don’t allow you the level of control that Python affords you.

Yoda you must be careful here.
The BGE is actually quite powerful without Python. Programmers could actually do most of their work in logic bricks alone, but it gets a little complex after a while, and they like to whet their coding appetite! Nevertheless, learning python would be worthwhile.

Weakness- Overal Performance,graphics especially.
But such a great number of features and neat logic system.

@agoose77, I will have to say that I agree with your tip; but I have tried and failed to make a FPS the way I wanted too (I was basically a noob then) but know I have deiced to retry and help a friend with his (an annoying friend) FPS like game.

However what I did not know was that the game I’m trying to make is a lot bigger than I thought (That’s why I’m asking for help a lot.) it would be, but know I have knowledge of what I can and what I want to do in the BGE.

And on more thing, I (not happy to say this) do think Unity is better (ish) then Blender… But I want to make a game in Blender :slight_smile:

Unity Pro definitely has more power and polish. However, I think that Blender might be an alternative to Unity Free, as it has features that Unity Free doesn’t have.

@agoose77: the logic bricks are powerful, yes. However, it’s difficult to do more complex things with them. I imagine that there is a point where it is actually easier to code a certain function than it is to use logic.

the main issue with logic is that after awhile, it becomes a visual nightmare. IMO the way it is displayed is not optimal, and many of the issues with it would be solved simply redesigning the way the logic is displayed.

My idea is have it displayed as a node system, where each brick is a node that can be dragged around freely, but the logic bricks still connect together in the same way. This would allow for backwards compatibility, but also open up some possibilities in the future, like the ability to have more than one and/or controller for a single function,

If A or B or C AND property = true
execute function.

keyboard sensors for the a, b, and c keys would be hooked to an OR controller, which is then hooked to an AND controller with a property sensor.

Ogre is a tool for mainly hardcore coders/programmers. As mentioned before: it is just one part of any solution: a 3D Graphics Engine.
Which si just part of anything you want to build, and the rest you have to build yourself (or depend on other 3rd party projects).

The benefit of BGE in this is:
it is a ready out of the box complete game engine.
And it doesn’t stop here… it has an intergrated 3D system, to manage and create (almost) everything you need:
3d modeler / animations / logic bricks / physics / easy to learn (standardized Open Source!) scripting (python)

And as mentioned before: it has a very active and enthusiastic community, dedicated to improve and progress the BGE development.

The difference between Ogre and BGE is thus not so much the logic bricks or python,…
because if you are already daunted by logic bricks and python,… then you probably can forget about Ogre…
Ogre needs you to be able program on a higher level (you can do this with Blender / BGE, but you do not need to!),
you need to know how to write code, compile, and make bridges between components of 3rd party solutions.

Ogre is much more complex and requires a lot more time to get it to function like the BGE already does.

So for the most of us, if you look for a Game Engine, BGE is the logic choice, even if you are a hardcore programmer on your own.

That said, BGE is GPL, while Ogre falls under MIT license.
The difference: what you do with Ogre is up to you, where Blender falls under GPL.
WHile your own content (Blender output) is seen as DATA, thus open to your own choice of license.

Has anyone taken a look at the DarkPlaces engine which powers Kot-In-Action’s games Steel-Storm: Burning retribution, Steel-Storm two, and tomb of mephistopheles. It looks rather capable. Oh, and IDTech 4 is open source now as well. What are your thoughts on these?

My thoughts: BGE for the win! :smiley: