Blender GE vs Torque

What is the major difference(s) between Blender GE and Torque?

Torque can create professional commercial quality games, but it’s a lot harder to learn, some things require going into the source code and changing it.

The BGE is not as powerful, but very easy to learn and simple games don’t require programming.

You are not supposed to speak about other game engines here.

I looked into (–otherGameEngine–), it seems high-quality but like cyborg dragon says, not very user friendly. (–otherGameEngine–) is basically a hard-core programming studio with some user friendly integration…and it costs money:(.

After looking at (–otherGameEngine–) and other engines as well, i stuck with BLENDER. If you’re only interested in hobby game designing BLENDER is the way to go…building quality games with those other engines, like (–otherGameEngine–) will not only require vast amounts of programming knowledge, but also money and people – that’s right, quality games usually require many people.

Single person hobby game design = BLENDER ALL THE WAY!!!

You should stick with 2.44 if you want restitution, it’s busted in 2.45’s GE, I reported it to Erwin on his forum so he should see it.

Huh? That was out of the blue.

and what about CS Mmph? it didnt bothered you to talk about it before…

:stuck_out_tongue: hehe

blender is free
torque can do stuff

that about sums it up XP

I bought Torque 1.42 or what ever it was just over a year ago. After I handed over my money I was really unhappy about the amount of documentation. The ‘world’ editor thing was full of obvious bugs . I quickly realised I was suppose to spend another load of money on the book.

Things that non programmers should be able to do were really complicated and badly explained. I tried to do one tutorial on adding simple AI and it started with recompiling the software so I gave that up.

My favourite bug was one where it corrupted your file when you saved it. It wouldn’t work after that and even a backed up version wouldn’t work by some miracle of design. Opensource programmers tend to be honest about bugs. Commercial companies don’t.

Version 1.5 looks very glossy but once bitten twice shy I won’t go back to it. If Blender GE isn’t sophisticated enough for you look at DX Studio or NeoAxis that you can try for free and offer access to non programmers. Then theres my favourite RealityFactory where you can go from idea to playing the game in about 10 minutes once you’ve got the hang of it. Its an old engine but its fun and the forum is fun. Also look at all the engines at

and what about CS Mmph? it didnt bothered you to talk about it before…

yea, well I got told that my opinion about CS was a “plug” rather than an opinion (quite an insult really) , and it was to be censored from all future conversations. All talk of other engines is to be in the “other software” foum.
I would not worry too much about it if I where you guys, I think this rule only applies to me.
There is a major prejudice here about CS :frowning:

There’s no prejudice here, it’s just people wanting to know how to do something in the Blender GE wants their answer to be the way to do it in the Blender GE.

Basically Torque is a complete all in one game creation software, probably lacking little, except for extensive documentation, and requires a pretty huge learning curve.

While the Blender GE is more of a quick prototyping software where you can pretty much script games fast.

:DIf you just want to have fun and learn, Blender GE is the way to go. If you want to create more professional games go with Torque and be ready to shell out money. Blender can also create professional games, but you’ll have to do a lot more work in the process since there’s slight bugs, and I wouldn’t say we have a great stable all in one solution just yet. You just have to work a bit more to come up with the needed solutions yourself.

Torque offers a lot more things if you actually ever figure out how to properly use it. Heh, it’s still all jumbo to me (the features are too extensive).

Good luck on your choice.

Jason Lin