Blender Generalist (Freelance) needed for 3d Scene Matching and Compositing

To do: Match Cinema4d Scene and add 3d elements in Blender + Composite them on top

We have an existing 30 second animation created and rendered with all passes and mattes in Cinema4D.
The task is to match the existing animation (camera is baked as alembic already) and create elements like text that will be rendered and seamlessly composited in Blender on top.

We are looking for a technical artist (remote), rather than a designer, as the design work has been done already. Skills should be junior to mid level 3d artist (general Blender, Cycles and the Blender compositor).
Ideally you would have basic command of Python and the Blender API as well, but this is not a must.

The job would need to be completed by mid April the latest.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail with portfolio / related project experience to [email protected]

Thank you!