Blender Generalist needed in Cape Town, South Africa


(George Stofberg) #1

Hi, We are looking for a blender 3D artist for a short job, with a fairly tight deadline. Please contact me if you are interested. It will be tweakeing and improving an existing project and preferably working from our offices.

Need to be proficient in animating (not character animation), particle systems and rendering. email: [email protected]

(edgard_caliman) #2

This job is local or remote ?

(George Stofberg) #3

Preferably local, however open to doing it remotely

Please send showreel.


(edgard_caliman) #4

Thanks, I send one email now.

(George Stofberg) #5

Many thanks for all your replies, I have found someone local. Thanks again and all your contact details are on file.