Blender geometry nodes snake scales

I have strange problem and cant figure out why I must set all time different value “resample curve” if I change density. If I reduce or increase density arrow change direction why? 1st picture is good, 2nd bad if density low, 3th bad density is high

Indeed that’s quite strange, hard to tell if it’s a bug or there is still something logical behind it …

But, you probably don’t need the attribute transfer, as you can use the rotation from the distribute point on face. You can use use a Rotate Euler node on that rotation if you need to tweak the alignment, Try this and if you get the same behavior then try with a latest blender alpha version, and finally make a bug report if nothing worked.

Thanks for reply,

I try your method but not working at all (arrow not aligine to surface), also I download Blender 3.1 but the same problem
snake.blend (842.2 KB)

Ok !

I’ve got it working by digging a bit into the file :

Indeed, what I told you wasn’t working :stuck_out_tongue:
Using the rotation output doesn’t line up the vectors properly.

The issue was in the Transfer Attribute node, you should use a Capture attribute instead.
Transfert Attribute try to remap some attributes from one mesh to another, while capture attribute keep the data in the same mesh, and in your case it’s less error prone.

Now working! Thanks Man!