blender gesture control

Hi, we’ve been playing around with a Blender plugin using our hand-tracking tech ( The plugin at the moment allows you to select an object with the mouse cursor by pinching (touching your index and thumb together) and then moving the object in 3D, by mapping the 3D position of your hand. Here’s a demo video:

We are not modelers/animators so we would like to ask: does this seem useful to you? Is there a scenario worth exploring (moving control points, rough placement of objects, director reviews)?

In general we’re looking for gestures and interactions that might improve your workflow using our technology.

Here’s another quick example of controlling a camera in SolidWorks:

3Gear Systems

P.S. Apologies if we posted this in the wrong forum.

Wow…Cool! My first reaction was skepticism but then I let my imagination go to work after visiting your website. (You should link it.)
I don’t know without trying but possibly as a paint input, scene setup and navigation, sculpting. What do you see as a target price for your setup after you go into production?

P. Monk

P. Monk, thanks for your feedback. As far as target price, we want it to be affordable. We hope we can deliver something in the $100-$200 range.

I am developing a hair styling tool that works by directly manipulating vector fields in 3D space. See the image; It’s rather busy picture, but I’m sure you’ll get the idea. Currently I’m simply using additional geometry to catch the cursor to allow 3-dimensional brush strokes. 3D tracking interface would definitely be an ideal fit for a tool like this, and judging by the demos, the precision would be good enough on your system. I can also think of plenty of other things in modeling, rigging and particle effects, where proper 3d control would be a tremendous help.

I doubt a simple integration plugin will suffice for most of the possible applications, but if your API is solid, it should just plug right in any code on Blender’s side, although I’m sure you’ll find much more interest here once you have your Python API ready.

My project will be publicly announced soon, so I will give you a shoutout and ask if people would want to use such as system. Currently I can’t really afford to get the dev kit, but I am quite interested in checking it out some time in the future.

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