Blender gets this green noise when I move anything

Hello, I finally got Blender on my laptop and whenever I rotate the 3D view, move an object, rotate an object, or just simply move the mouse quickly I get this weird green noise…

I try to screenshot it, but it doesn’t show up on the screenshots. It may be a problem with my graphics card or something, anyone ever had this? Anyone know how to fix it?

I took a picture with my phone

Is it only in Blender?

Yes, I wouldn’t be posting here if it happened with other stuff haha

Try the different buffer options in the User Prefs, but chances are the GPU just isn’t up to snuff.

That somewhat worked

I updated my GPU and I changed some settings in the System Preferences, and now I only get the green noise only where text is changing, or a screen is changing.

Is there anymore settings I can look through?
Any drivers that might help? I don’t know - just throwing ideas out there.

Just realized that I have a pretty decent GPU - I mean - it should be able to handle the Blender interface.
AMD Radeon R7 M265

So I’m still pretty confused

Have you tried these options in User Prefs, System?


I’m getting the same graphical issue using a similar card (Radeon R7 M260). I’ve just updated the drivers and tried eppo’s solution above but I am still getting the graphical issue. Is there anything else I can try?



Sorry for double post but I’m waiting for a moderator to approve my last post so can’t just edit it!

I seem to have found a solution for the graphical issue! I installed the Blender 2.72 Release Candidate and the graphical issues have gone. Sweet!

Yeah those are the ones I’ve been trying

I have it to
No MultiSample
No Region Overlap

It’s better but not totally gone…

Keep in mind this has only been happening with Blender.

It must have been the version of blender I was using wasn’t compatible… I just downloaded 2.72-rc and now there’s no noise with no problem…

I guess I’ll just use this build, unless someone knows a solution

No one mentioned it yet, so… Make sure that you have the most recent updated video drivers installed. You would be surprised (or not??) by the number of “software” problems people have with different software, that is related to the graphic drivers, and gets provoked by a particular software package, update, or setting. I just noticed that you downloaded an updated version of Blender and it went away?? Sorry, I was too slow, but… hopefully that was it, but ongoing updating of the graphic drivers is crucial in this day and age.