Blender Girl 2.5

Oh, now you’ve done it, gone and made her sad by saying she’s not pretty enough…

I still need to do a little tweaking here and there but don’t want to make her look too human.

I’ve been thinking about it and wonder if the eyes look off because there aren’t any bottom eyelashes?

I also think the overall shape just how I make the cartoon eyes;

I noticed they both came out similar when I was making this and I didn’t refer to the earlier one at all when working on this model. Strange.

The eyeballs themselves are ‘Pixar style’ eyes I made from that tutorial which I keep recycling. To make some real manga styled eyes I’d probably have to use lattices to flatten them out and fit in the head which I haven’t gotten around to trying yet. Maybe next time.

Wow, great work. I’m wondering however, where do you find a good tutorial on how to make clothing for characters? Like the character you have made on the right?

Went a little crazy with my other character’s head…

Still need to rig the new Blender Girl (2.6?). Think I’m going to try the mesh deform modifier this time, hopefully I still have a the cage laying around from my last unsuccessful attempt so I don’t have to make a new one.

Working on the toon shader…

And a turntable.