Blender Girl 3!

I have another Blender Girl model on the way, Blender Girl 2 wasn’t going the way i wanted so i started again and now we have Blender Girl 3 :D.

I was inspired by the cartoons of Mandy by Dean Yeagle.

Here she is:



C&C Plz

Top Topology… Very nice. Hair looks a little odd, maybe a textured plane approach would suit
the subject/feel a little better, the eyes need a little attention too. Imho. I would be pushed to come
anywhere near the clean topology you are sporting.

Please keep working on your model and keep us updated.

Kindest Regards,



There again just noticed some nasty 6 edged poles, shown in images attached.
Can cause serious problems when it comes to animation.

Have you read the following post? it is a goldmine of information:



Oops forgot attachments… Me tired must sleeeeep.


Hi, Thanks for the pointers.
I’m going to do the hair again, probably shoulder length with dynamics maybe? I had it long before but it was in the way when i was modeling so she got a hair cut .

as for the eyes in the final render i will probably have them on their own render layer so i can get the spec just right and have the highlights in the right place.

The mesh in thous too areas you pointed out i will fix when i get home.


Just an Update

Changed the proportions of the upper body so that the hips are wider than the shoulders and fixed the two 6 side poles.

Lookin pretty good, but I think the thighs need to be a bit thinner.

Just another Update.

Ive gone for a modeled hair style as i was unable to get what i wanted using the hair strands + i was going to have to do a compromise at some point to get it to render for animation anyway. I have also tweaked the body a fair bit, although i might not be done yet :stuck_out_tongue: “im a perfectionist”
Hair Closeups:

Is it me or are the eyes too small? the head just do’s not look right!

Good work so far though.

Here is and update + some test renders

I Have also been working on the shades here is some test render:
I know the eyes are off and died i will rework them tonight.

Thanks Again

p.s. I shrank the ears down and made them a more pleasing shape, but is there something more fundamental that i am missing, And the eyes what should i do about the Eyes. I seem to get wall eyed sometimes so your help is really appreciated!

where did you learn to model clean mesh?

Looks like something straight of “Leisure Suit Larry”. Good Job!

wowsers wat a babe!! :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha very nice topology, so clean. something i need to work on… great work! ill let the pros tell u how to fix the eyes and all tht stuff :wink:

WOW:eek:The render looks great! Can you show us your Map for the skin and the shader settings for it ?

Hi thanks for the C&C, I was mainly asking about the eyes and ears because after staring at something like this for so long you cant tell whats wrong and whats right, your brain starts to correct it subconsciously. I have found that often if i leave something for a while and then come back to it, it looks completely different :(, its my dam mind playing tricks on me!

So any pointers welcome!

Frank_robernson: I learnt to use blender and character model after watching Jonathan Williamsons tuts on his webpage, but he has some on vimeo now. Link

SAJ: I’m at work atm but tonight i will upload a sample of the shader and map, You will probobly be dicapionted as its a very simple map atm, and the shader is just a simple SSS with a node Ramp.


Here are some closeups of the face with some more tweaks to the eyes:

And Here is the Shader Blend

your blender girl 3 is absolutely lovely :eek: but her Heel are a little too big, i suppose that it’s voluntary

It looks good. I think one of the issues with the eyes is that right now they’re are just a blank stare so they look weird. Obviously you haven’t focused on that yet though. You may also want to play around with the spec highlight on the eye as well. Maybe try it without, make it smaller, etc.

Got another Update

I know the eyelashes are awful, think of hem as place holders for now!

Have textured the hair and UV mapped it:

Have also started doing the facial rigging, have done some shape keys, and will start with the driver keys tomorrow.

Looking good, but I think you should do the eyelashes as a solid shape, and you don’t have the correct shape. Curve the outer parts up to a point. It will look better on the cartoony character. Really great progress.