Blender Girl 3!

Nice work!

part of the “stare” thing you’re struggling with is the eyelid positioning… that last render set is much improved, but i thought I’d point out why.

the top eyelid “normal” position is just touching the top of the cornea… as they are exaggerated here it seems that the pupil is now playing that role…

this means that for your model if there is a gap between the top of the pupil and the bottom of the upper eyelid this character looks surprised.

if the upper eyelid covers the pupil even a tiny bit at all then she’ll look sleepy or drugged…

you need to rig it so that this proportion stays constant as the eye looks around too, which could be a real trick with the cornea/pupil so large…

you could maybe enlarge the whole eye area to match the size of the corneas or reduce the extreme stylisation of the corneas to just a bit larger than now…

with your current model you’ll find it impossible to lower the bottom lid to show white below the cornea which can help more alluring poses…

I’d agree with thedaemon that you could take the stylisation of the length of the eyelashes aaas they move across the lid… you could make them mush shorter (half as big as they are now) and much much longer at the outside of the head… you really don’t need them to decrease in length for that last third, they could sweep outward…

personally i’d make the lower lashes half as long as they are now, but hey.

As for the overall body stylisation: I think that the back is looking a little hunched and rounded, the shoulder blades are stopping too high in the back and are very “deep” which is giving this hunch…

As a taste preference reduce the volume of the breast above the nipple a tiny bit to make them look like gravity is having some effect on them…

Sorry if this has turnrd into a “focussed critique” i know we’re in the WIP section!

once again some nice work there.

Thank you Michael W

I suppose i have got to the point where I’m asking for a focused critique! Is it worth posting this there?

Anyway i have re-adjusted the eyes so they can be more easily posed and they do look more appealing now thank you, I will also be looking at the eyelashes again all though they do look OK as a solid shade

I have also reduced the hair so its a bit less “Vivid”

Lookin pretty good, but I think the skin might still have a bit too much specularity.

I never have really understood why there is a focused critique category. Is’nt everyone asking for focused critique?

Being a sucker for the stylistic approach how can I not love this? Only thing I can think of is a slightly wider waist, but that falls firmply into the preference category. Awesome MCHammond!


Have done a facial rig, its my first proper facial rig so if you see anything amiss however obvious just say “like missing shapes”. Any suggestions welcome.

I know the cloths don’t fit but i cant upload without them :frowning:

I haven’t given the bones shapes yet but the basic workings can be seen here:

Click for Vimeo!

Do you like the new face and eyes?

This is near professional level work.Outstanding stuff.

Thanks Animal :slight_smile:

What cloths do you think i should do?

Full Update:

I have done a lot of work on the rig, I have some Vimeo’s and some updated renders.

As promised here are some Vimeo’s of the character in action.
Lip Sync Test “Rough” LINK
Facial Emotions LINK

First here is a few screen’s of the rigs controls:
Vimeo Link

And some updated renders of the whole body with the new face:

If you have any Ideas on how to improve this Plz comment!

This is looking really sweet.

It would be cool if you could make a tutorial for how you set-up the rig and such because that looks like a nice rig. I want to learn to rig but just looking at what others have done doesn’t help me any. Even if you just pointed to tutorials that you used that would be cool.

Keep it up.

Ask and Yee shall receive.
Video Tute ETA 12 Minutes
Just done a short Tutorial on rigging the spine! its my first tutorial so it wont be the best but hope you can work it out and pointers welcome.I got nervous about half way through and started to stutter and forgot where basic stuff was, I can only laugh.

There is also a wealth of info on the net just do a search Link.
I would also recommend the ManCandy DVD!

I have also added the spine from the Vimeo


SpineDemo.blend (161 KB)

Ok thanks guys i have taken on board your suggestions and changed the rig after watching the BBB rig tut, I have also changed the controls and turned off Xray.

I have also change the Vimeo Tutorial that i made to reflect the changes.

Ok. I have learned allot after making that Spine Rig Vimeo so I am looking again at the Rig!.

Here are two .Blends of a spine and leg rigged the way I am thinking of rigging my character what do you think?


FootRig2.blend (167 KB)SpineRig2.blend (166 KB)

Ok. Just did a new arm rig with a bend in it now, so i thought i would amalgamate my three sample rigs into one simplified character!

I know the deformation is a bit rough but its just a quicky! tell me what you think.


FullBodyRig2.blend (288 KB)

I haven’t checked out your rig yet but thanks for sharing. It is one thing to be able to make a cool character/image and another thing to share what you learned. Thanks again.

hair always looks odd before rendering

read the smiley :yes:

Nice job but think about making a man too :smiley: otherwise these girls wont have any fun alone

Got another Update for you :smiley:

I have been spending a lot of time on the rig and weight painting so i haven’t had anything to update with. But here is a new costume I have done:

Ok Ive got half an update as I’m going home for Easter to build a fence with my dad so i wont be able to do work till Tuesday but I thought might as well show what I’ve got so far.

Here is Combat Blender Girl!:

And When I was setting up the sceane for render I did this by mistake and thought it was funny so I’m showing here LOL


I noticed in the vimeo tut that you use the viewport option window to place the 3D cursor back at worlds origin. Use shiftC instead. Much faster… :stuck_out_tongue:
rig looks okay, haven’t looked through the blends yet though.