Blender Girl

I’ve been working on and off of this for a while
I’m not certain what else to do with it … what do you guys think?a

I thought that if i scraped her knees or something it might give her a bit more … character, but it just looks kinda messy, maybe i’ll take that out (maybe i just didn’t do it right)

Admittedly the shoes are pretty rough … I seem to have trouble doing good shoes. I think I need to build em with separate pieces of geometry as opposed to making a single solid thing and relying on texture maps to make em pop. If your relying on texturemaps and the texture maps aren’t very good then it’s gonna look bad

I rebuilt the skirt from scratch cause I wasn’t happy with the previous skirt

that colllar is a bit … well … it needs something

Each time I do something like this I feel like I end up learning more about doing stuff like this and want to go back and redo it or do a different better one or something

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