Blender gives 1 object 2 measurements [???]

Anyone that has tried accurate measurements with Blender is aware of the challenge, but today I encountered something so absurd I can hardly comprehend…

I was checking measurements for my planned renovations when I came across a dimension that was obviously not correct. The shape was quite clearly rectangular, but Blender was giving a measurement that approached being square - 0.800 x 0.860. Roughly I placed a new plane over the object and got a very different measurement - 0.865 x 1.224.

The screen shot is a little bit like ‘spot the difference’, but does anyone have a clue as to what possibly is affecting Blenders grasp of virtual reality [248.1]

When you scale an object in object mode, it doesn’t affect the length of sides in edit mode. So if you make a plane, scale it 10x each way, then go into edit mode, it will still say the sides are 2 units long.

Strange, but true.

Thanks for your reaction Yipee, and as it turns out you are right. I always knew Blender was a bit quirky, but this begs the question - What in the world could such a ‘feature’ possibly be useful for ?!

In object mode you need to apply the scale to the object (ctrl,A,). Then edge lengths are correctly displayed in edit mode.

And when did that work? Add a plane - default 2 x 2, in object mode ctrl,A…then scale to whatever size you want. In edit mode it’s still 2 X 2. More than quirky…

Add your plane or whatever (object mode), scale it however you wish, THEN apply the scaling as noted above. (In object mode) you will note that edge lengths are accurate when tabbing into edit mode. Sorry if my explanation was not clear enough.

Well it’s clear enough now Pixelmass. Clicked on object with dubious dimensions - ctrl,A and = edit mode and the dimensions are good again. Seems like a efficient way to correct an error [and thanks very much for pointing that out] but it would be more effecient if Blender just read the translations in both edit & object modes…

I suppose that it might be nice to have an option like that maybe in user preferences. One thing to consider though is that perhaps a scaling or rotation is not exactly what you intended. It is nice to have a restoration of the original object before you make any changes permanent. Just a thought… .

The way I look at it (and I might be wrong here), scaling and rotating in Object mode are supposed to be for animation purposes. Let’s say you’re animating a simple bouncing ball… during the different keyframes, you’ll want to squash and stretch the ball, but you don’t necessarily want those changes permanently applied to your original mesh.

The easiest way to prevent this problem is to do all of your modeling in Edit mode. If you end up making changes in Object mode that you’d like to keep, then just apply them.


…er you mean like ctrl,Z? Is that the opposite tool of ctrl,A? Sure it all gets better in the morning :wink: Thanks for helping…

Okay Spectre, you do win some points for that observation :wink:

Yeah, sleep helps. Just don’t click on save until you are sure that what you see is what you want.