Blender-glass pteradactyls

I wanted to see if I could get eeshlo’s refraction plugin to work so I reused a pteradactyl model and an old terragen landscape… the last time I tried something like this was months ago and I gave up because I thought it was way to complex, so it’s nice to find out how easy it really is.

I gave it a 5 based on the thumbnail, but on closer inspection the antialiasing could be a bit better. Maybe a bit of motion blur?

Looks great,…I never fooled with that plugin, because I just kind of assumed it would not work. I may have to rethink that. :smiley:

Now if the programming team would make it to where all light types could cast shadows I would probably quit using POV-Ray and use Blender exclusively.

Wow, the water looks VERY nice towards the bottom of the pic. :stuck_out_tongue:

An animation imade with eeshlo’s refraction long time ago if someone remember

Where can you find it?

Nice! :slight_smile: I’ve seen some excellent stuff made with terragen. Does it take a long time to make landscapes like this in terragen? By looking at the quality of the renders I’ve seen it seems like a very long and difficult job to get those effects. Is it simpler than it looks?

Thanks for all the replies !
dwmitch : I didn’t really notice the oversampling problem but I’ll try and improve it…osa was set to 16 though, I guess I need to render bigger and resize it. And if all lamps could cast shadows I too would be extremely happy ! Haven’t yet resorted to anything other than Blender and Terragen though.
Modron : For more glass plugin fun you should check out eeshlo’s site if you haven’t already :
tortxof : Water is just terragen’s “muddy” setting (I think).
three-dee : The terrain came from which used to be a great one-stop for real world .ter files, this one is from somewhere in the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately the site seems to have gone… though you can download DEM files and convert with 3DEM (hard to know what you’re getting though). Making the strata took a while though, I used 20-30 surface layers and I’m not very happy with them…they need less sharp edges and maybe some textures, but I don’t particularly feel like tweaking all of them!
Didn’t anyone spot that the more distant pteranodon’s wing overlaps the close one ? :wink:
Anyway, off to play more with this plugin, might correct the minor glitches with this pic when I have more spare time.

How the heck do you get that plugin to work??? :x %|