Blender glitching in arch linux

Has anyone experienced graphical glitches in arch linux. Every time I open up blender it glitches so hard that it is practically unusable.

I don’t know if it is a bug or only on my system.

Hi. Specify more system and hardware information. Graphics card, graphics drivers.
Does the problem occur with previous Blender versions?

Yes, the problem occures in older versions of blender. And I’m using an AMD Radeon R7-240 OC with the amdgpu open source drivers, since the catalyst drivers are not supported with linux 4.7 and above.

No problems here, using Arch testing with NVidia gtx680.

And that why? Have you asked the AMD guys? Have they decided that your card is too old?

It is very possible that it is an issue related to the opensource drivers (2D / 3D). Anyway you could report this to Blender developers only to rule out this because of other problems:
You provide all the details of your system and versions. You investigate how to run “glxinfo” in Arch, and you provide the output you get with glxinfo, pasting the output in pasteall web site:
And sharing the link in the report.

Or you could try to downgrade Kernel/Xserver versions to meet proprietary driver requirements (or use a Linux distribution that does not have such up-to-date components)

I had the same problem!

This is the solution: User preferences -> System -> Window Draw Method -> Triple Buffer