Blender goes Linear colour space

If you aren’t sure of the benefits of linear colour space rendering then check out these blogs/podcasts for detailed explanantions. makes the hard less so.

and at

Makes a lot of sense if you are using real world images etc.

Blender 2.5 with colour management activated but don’t think it touches the VSE currently, everywhere else but. sRGB to Linear on input & Linear to sRGB as an output option.

Interested to read on Stus blog about using sRGB as the working colour space for HD video rather than Rec709. He suggests sRGB is a good representation to work with for that.

Interesting read.

There’s also the Tone & Gamma thread on BA where Matt(Broken) discusses the 2.5 Colour Management additions.

I thought Blender was already in a linear color space.

you want to know the benifits, then have a look at the implementation images here

mfoxdogg yeah, I thought they were a bit obscure hence the other links. just so people could underastand it a bit better.

The wiki doesn’t explain the benefits, 3Points link to Prolost and the many posts Stu has made over the years on that blog explain far better, Stu at The Orphanage have been banging on at the likes of Adobe for a few years about getting a linear workflow correct even in AE, which has only recently been done CS4.

The wiki doesn’t explain the benefits of correct operation of blend modes, improved render engine performance etc.

Prolost Blog and FXGuide are the best places to get a proper explanation and the links were also posted in the Tone and Gamma thread here on BA sometime ago.

That was an enormouse thread with more detail than most artists bother to toleratre (i loved it tho’), so I thought a short distilled one would focus peoples attention better. Especially the podcast, it is chatty with out being preachy about the issues of linear colour space.