Blender got dugg...

… and the digging caused it to catch some drama due to comment spammers.


enjoy and discuss.

what is so special about that forum? never seen it, and what is it about?

Also featured on digg is the blender 2005 animation festival:

(the forum code is giving me trouble with hyperlinking to the site)
The poster singles out Jacob “Weirdhat” Kafka’s “Beagle” for special mention: “I like the one with snoopy.”, whereas the first poster is wowed by Enrico “env” Valenza’s Penguoen spoof: “Holy crap! New Penguoen is insane!”

It was submitted 1 week ago (so a little before 2.40 was released) and is now on the 17th page (though it was at around the 4th or 5th page when I first saw it a few days ago).

digg is one of the newer social-software type sites, where people submit news stories and also promote other peoples’ stories that they like, and the most popular stories go to the front page. So it’s a decentralized way to get an interesting list of sites online. I first heard about it in Paul Graham’s essay about Web 2.0:

Also, it played a big role in popularizing weirdhat’s page about his experience watching all 6 Star Wars movies at the same time: