Blender got me a job / army ants video

I just got a job at this place doing stuff in blender, maya and aftereffects for MTV and Adult Swim, no joke. they loved my reel and at one point thought blender fluid was Maya’s real flow… that’s a huge compliment. I’m going to teach them blender, they are very interested, and I’ll get some maya lessons. I am one lucky sumbitch sometimes

here are your army ants now:

just thought I’d share this old video with you guys. I shot this in belize… there are MANY more than you can really even see in the video

eh, odd combination of topics…

  1. congrats. i wont hide the fact that i am really jealous and sort of angry that you landed such a good opportunity :mad:. but congrats at any rate :smiley: (hey, its human nature)

2)thats a lotta ants

I need a job.I know maya and I’ve been woking with Blender for about 5 years I also know Photoshop.I don’t know python but Iam a good modeler/texture artist decent annimator and decent rigger.If theres anything you could do to help me out I’d be mucho grateful.Thanks.




do you have a demo reel? (I’m not a potential employer, but any potential employer will want one…).


Congrats y Felicidades!! You earned it! But does that mean you aren’t going to help with Orange 2? Please promise that you will quit your job and work for Ton when the time comes :slight_smile:

Where can I see your demoreel?

thanks for the support all!

Blendergenie - put together a reel, and study other reels on the web before you do for format - this place never even looked at my resume, he just popped in my reel first thing at the interview then asked if I could work that day (I actually did a couple hours of rotoscoping). I got the job cold-calling places, I probably talked to fifty different graphics companies and had five interviews before this place. also be willing to do other jobs - my last job I was working in the vault and shipping when my friend, the DVD author, died. they knew I could do aftereffects so I freelanced for a little while then they hired me there.

If you know maya you should definitely be able to find work, there are many places that specialize in TV ads that exclusively use maya. one place I interviewed they had smoke, flame, and inferno ($$$$$$$ graphics hardware/software) 7 CGI workstations, a 200+ cpu render farm and over 30 maya artists. I wasn’t nearly good enough for that place, I’ve only been teaching myself 3D for like four months. I would have been the tape op guy, so in some ways I’m glad they never called back. it was a pretty impressive place though.

aftereffects is another one of those skills that should get you a job too, everyone needs cool animated text and compositing. good luck. BE PERSISTANT (but not annoying). finding work is a full-time job.

Are you gonna show us your reel?

Congrats, NerdRanger :smiley: (no offense intended ;))
I think that it is encouraging that Blender is capable of being used as a professional piece of software.
I think that Blender is great, because it enables about anyone to engage in the creation of 3D graphics. No paying 1000$ !
I am intending to learn to work with Blender up to the level where I could become a freelance modeler. But for as long as that ain’t happening yet, I might as well keep on studying Economics and Modern Languages, as I am now.

This should help Blender spread considering you now will do animations for two popular stations and progamming blocks.

But I won’t be able to see your animations, we have blocked MTV from our main television and Adult swim content is too mature and edgy.

This should help Blender spread considering you now will do animations for two popular stations and progamming blocks.

Do the shows mention the software used in the credits (and do they show credits each show?). I suspect not, and hence don’t see how that can help to ‘spread blender’ significantly (certainly won’t hurt…). Personally I see the new topology and sculpting tools + the Plumiferos movie being huge impacts.


Now lets see, will the sculpting tools in a modeling, rendering, animating, texturing, compositing, and video editing app. be a first for all 3D.apps. or just open source? Because I know it’s a first for open source software and Z Brush, Silo, and Mudbox don’t quite have all those other things intergrated in the same app.

Let’s not forget the game engine and then the new texture painting tools for the next version.

no, letterip, they don’t mention blender, obviously. but I am spreading blender among my coworkers - so it all balances out. I am too busy to post the last reel I put together - I am working from 9 in the morning to 8 at night because I jumped into a project due in three weeks with like fifteen 30 second spots that hadn’t been started. it is a nightmare. but fun too - this is the adult swim part.

Icoxo (yes I have decided to call you icoxo again, from now on) you do realize you are an “adult” and can make your own decisions now, right? you can watch anything you want to. how are you going to keep yourself from being exposed to all these “negative” influences you strive so hard to clean the forum of? cursing, fucking, and arterial spray are part of human nature and desire and will never disappear.

in my experience, people as sheltered as yourself get to college and nearly kill themselves trying to “catch up” with their peers with drugs, drinking or sex - peers who know how to deal with the real world and don’t make the same mistakes. were you home-schooled? are your parents insanely overprotective? I don’t mean this in an insulting way but I think the real world is going to be quite a struggle for you. try to keep an open mind. just because your parents are older doesn’t mean they’re always right. you should really decide for yourself what you think about these things. it sounds like you’re just parroting them…

I don’t turn 18 till the 24th of this month so I still have 10 or so days.

Now even though I will be and already pretty much am at the age where I can make my own decisions on what movies to go to or what can be watched I still will stay away from really bad stuff. My Brother’s two years older and is almost 20 and he’s also been taught to stay away from some of the stuff they show on TV and in Movies.

It’s mainly about not getting caught up in that stuff, not supporting that stuff, and above all not severly tainting what values we hold as Christians.

NodeRanger, do you have your demo reel available somewhere on line?

[edit]I should have read your responce before asking.[/edit]

I don’t have a demo reel just a series of several stills that I’ve rendered.Do you think I need an animation, I mean is it a must?
I went to FullSail school of multimedia for a year thats where I learned Maya.I started out in blender though mainly self tought with the help of a few tutorials and books.
Well thanks for the encouragement,good luck with your project!!:smiley:

Noderanger, congrats on the job!
Wow, that’s a Flash site all right.
Hope they’ve got an HTML only Accessible version too for the Flashaphobes :slight_smile: Eh. Its all eye-candy anyway. Know your audience.

Hey Cyborg Dragon - heads up - private message coming your way.

Thanks 4 sharing the job hunt info. I was wondering if you were hired off the street cos you impressed -or another of those no-talent weiners who brag about landing a job in this biz when it was actually handed to them by a friend or relative.

Congrats! :slight_smile:

Never! cold-calling baby, just like my last job doing graphics and DVDs. my parents are crazy so I definitely didn’t want their help, and I have no family in new york, so it was all my own legwork, talent and about 90% good luck. thanks… I’ll post some of the adult swim stuff I’m working on soon enough

-LOL- You must give good phone, dude. :slight_smile:

Ah, the big city. Lots of opportunities for sure. I don’t believe too much in luck tho -it’s usually more about being prepared and taking action.

Looking forward to seeing some of your work.

Congrats again.