Blender - Grab enhancements

(kakachiex2) #21

WOW Superb

(2eminent) #22

why wait until 2.8 !! its almost like 1 year more ???
its must have feature… & we all want it… plz Blender staff/Dev add this

(Mr_Flamey) #23

More nice features - they look very handy for architects, although I’m personally just excited for the workflow improvements of the snap tools :smiley:

Well, it’s good to hear they are open to merging your awesome work. Maybe it does make sense to merge when the 2.8 widget system is ready. Speaking of which, I would love to hear more about that soon - maybe the developer could do a post about it when there is more to share. I’m always very excited to hear about viewport and workflow enhancements!

(phelioz) #24

All of this looks so good! Great work!

(cekuhnen) #25

Well I would love to have this in now as well but for trunk they plan to actually go over the snapping system
and rethink also the 3D widget.

So it makes sense. Why put something into trunk when for 2.8 they might rework everything anyway!

Fortunately there are custom builds.

(cet77) #26

I used this kind of snapping in Max, and was actually one of the few things i missed in blender when i made the transition. :slight_smile: Great to see someone is bringing this to blender. :smiley:

(Leafar) #27

Why is this so perfect and it is not in the master?!?!?! I wish we could see this in 2.8 or earlier. Where can I find the build with this system??

(mauge) #28


Best refer there as things where becoming out of topic according to post title

(Gwenouille) #29

This is a great development ! I like the fact that such basic functions are still a priority for some people.

I agree with the need of a major overhaul of the snap functions though. You have the feeling that things have grown like wild vegetation over one another, not in symbiosis.

(mauge) #30

Could you explain it better ? :wink:

I think the main issue here has been to find a relation between a cad user could expect and how blender works and name this on UI.

The snap tools are developed following this

(bluecd) #31

Guys, I was vitaly interested in above subject (CAD-like adjustments/enhancements) and commented a lot, since Blender version ca. 2.5, instead or prior to discussing it’d be best to see good examples: would you just take a look at:

  1. DraftSight / Nanocad ( ESNAP or SNAP command), cursor tracking
  2. Sketchup (automatic snap, excellent cursor tracking, working plane)
    No.1 is free ,even for commercial use, No.2 - for educational only, both free to dowload and check out.

then we could develop further discussion ?

(Krice) #32

It’s better not to add all useful features at once, because then donations will stop. Think about it. Open source projects need donations and you get them easier if there is a promise or hint about new cool features. This makes people donate. If Blender is some day ready (probably never will) then there will be much less donations.

(MmAaXx) #33

Sure, it works exactly like this.

(mauge) #34

Of course can discuse about it :wink: I 'm and experienced AutocaCad user, and also i have been working with SolidEdge and SolidWorks. Also i was a Inventor user, but this was some a time ago (v6) !

About Drafstight, i tested it some days ago and i think is similar to Acad, but if i must change i would prefer a free (in terms of freedom) aplication.

I have no expirence with sketchup.

Did you tried the development we are working on ?

(mauge) #35

I do not see the relationship between question and your response. I think that the business of and openproject, should be services around it, and not focusing only to donations.

(Leafar) #36

+1. Thats why I want to have an improved BGE earning money for the BF so these kind of problem would not exist or they would be smaller.
A BGE with a bussines model like Unity or UE and with Blender still free and open would be a dream came true.

Sorry for the offtopic.

(Leafar) #37

+1. Thats why I want to have an improved BGE earning money for the BF so these kind of problem would not exist or they would be smaller.
A BGE with a bussines model like Unity or UE and with Blender still free and open would be a dream came true.

Sorry for the offtopic and for the double post. XD

(Ace Dragon) #38

Before we veer into conspiracy theories, it does need to be noted that a rather decent chunk of Blender’s workflow and tools will likely be overhauled during the 2.8x series (if not replaced completely).

The constraints part of this project for instance, how do we know that code won’t just be replaced outright in the event that 2.8 will move them to a node-based system like what’s already being done in a development branch with modifiers? 2.8 will definitively replace a lot of existing code because it’s supposed to be the series that allows a breakage of backward compatibility as well as forward compatibility.

(Krice) #39

Well, it doesn’t really matter what they are planning. It’s always planning for something new, you know. You get the idea? New stuff, new donations.

(Ace Dragon) #40

Only the 2.8x stuff has been in the planning stages since the first 2.7x releases started rolling out (and initial steps towards making them happen are already in progress).

I don’t think it’s some random thing they drew out of a hat to get people to donate (I also recall the fact that it took the 2.5x overhaul project a year or two to go from conception to serious development, and Blender is now a much better app. because of it).