Blender graphics distortion

I’m a new mac user. I just bought a mac pro 2.66 GHz model from apple and all my programs work on it EXCEPT blender. I have provided an image below for your reference. The image shows my screen at starting blender. When I do start blender, I can move my mouse over the screen and it reveals its interface under the distortion. For example, I run my mouse over where I know blender’s menu is and I see File, then Edit…etc. Still it does not allow me to utilize the program. Only once on mac os x have I been able to run blender. I hope that this forum can maintain its good reputation in helping me solve this problem since no other forum has been able to give me such good fortune yet. Please help me so that I can use blender and contribute to this wonderful community. Thank you so much.

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err, i am not sure where to get new display drivers for Macs, but try to update your system (to 10.4.6.x).

If it’s a macbook pro, then it’s running intel, am i correct? Make sure you got the right version of Blender: Mac OS X Intel Python 2.3, 10.4 (9.0 MB) from

Although I don’t see why it would run AT ALL if you got the wrong binary.

also, BLender is actually an OpenGL powered 3D application, so maybe your OpenGL driver is broken somehow, maybe you can try some other OpenGL applications for Mac and see if those works. (Maybe the Halo for Mac Demo?)