Blender Grease Pencil - 2D 3D Hybrid Storyboard Animatic -Tutorial


what a fantastic tutorial and that teach me a lot of things that I had no idea before. Just fantastic!

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Thank you Xelbayria. I am glad it is of use

Fantastic content ! I was looking for some comprehensive materials about mixing 2d and 3d in animation inside Blender. Glad that someone with experience put out such stuff. Thanks!

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Thanks Beastic. Glad you like. I am surprised there is not more content about hybrid stuff out there

Oh yeah. now that you mentioned it. You’re right, I haven’t seen any tutorial video involving Hybrid. I can tell you that the video of your is better than most videos using 2D… It teach me a lot of things that I never thought is possible and that included 3D/2D, a hybrid. :thinking:

if you are planning to make more tutorial using hybrid or 2D. I would like to learn more. Just let me know!

I will be making more in the future yes. Not immediately, because it’s really time consuming, but yes, once I figure out next steps there will be more. Proabably shorter examples so they are quicker to produce

So glad I came across you because this is the kind of thing I’m aiming to do eventually! Amazing work.

Fantastic. I look forward to seeing what you do with it